Thursday, November 30, 2006

The SPAM problem just keeps getting Worse

I really hate Spammers, I find they are generally frustrated and unsuccessful people, venting out in a sick way at the world.

Anyway I had to delete and turn off the comments on this Blog for a while, because of problems with Spammers leaving a bunch of garbage in the comments.

Please email me at: if you want to send me any comments. I use as a SPAM filter and it works well and reports the Spammers to a database, so that is why I can give out my email and not worry about SPAM.

54% of all emails sent today are SPAM, and unfortunately it seems to be getting worse not better over time.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Learn about SEO and Internet Advertising.

Below is an email we sent to one of our clients to explain the pros and cons of Paid Google ads (PPC - sponsored links on Google) VS. Google approved methods for building natural or organic rankings in Google.
Hello Steven,

We set a limit on how much we spend on Google ads per day. This is for several reasons. First we are limited by your budget, and we also need to place ads on authority web sites to build up your natural rankings (non paid). So after the Google ads reach the daily limit then they turn off for the day and then start the next day. So if you check early in the day USA time you will see the Google ads we put up for your sites.

We suggest we check and monitor your bookings as there are different types of Google ads. There are ads only on the Google search engine, ads on other search engines Google provides search results for like AOL, etc. Then there are ads on travel related sites in the Google network (content ads). We try all of these and monitor your results and see which type has the best conversion ratios, this is an ongoing process and takes many months to optimize.

The best results come from achieving top natural rankings. This will happen faster on the Chicago site as it is older and has a good PageRank already. It takes many months to build up on new sites as Google does not let knew sites rank highly quickly. We have some proprietary methods to work around this.

Regarding your budget question:

Yes giving us a bigger budget will increase your traffic even more, we suggest you think long term and plan on keeping all the SEO services.These are for building the natural rankings, the longer we build and keep the links up the better the results will become. It is like wine and diamonds for the links. Links are like wine because the longer they are aged the better (more effective they are). Also once you lose them you have to start the aging process all over again.

This is not the case with the sponsored PPC links (paid Google ads).

SEO link building: are like diamonds, because links can vary greatly in value and quality just like diamonds vary greatly in value and quality.

Please click here and read this article for more details and technical background information regarding text link ads.

So while we would like you to increase your budget with us, we would to be careful and monitor the results and make sure you stay with this long term.

The biggest mistake we see people make is to do SEO (non PPC ads) and then run out of funding before they achieve the best results.

We do not know how much knowledge you have regarding these topics, so if we are explaining things you already know please understand we are trying our best to help you.

So the benefit of the paid Google ads (PPC = Pay Per Click) is that we can turn them on and off quickly. The disadvantage is they can be expensive and they are not as powerful as the natural or organic listings. Natural or organic are terms used for the non PPC ads.

Perhaps the best way to explain this to you is by example.

Let’s use htpcompany and htp company as the examples.

So if you type htpcompany on Google you see us on the left (natural listing) and on the right side of the page under sponsored links (sponsored links equals PPC).

Being on the left is much more powerful (5 to 30 times more valuable than the PPC listings on the right) , however it is still good and useful to have both. That is why we do both for our own sites and our client sites.

If you do not understand some of this let us know and we will try to explain better. Sometimes it is more difficult to explain via email, we know this is the best way for you, however it can be more difficult to explain sometimes.

Now if you type htp company with a space on Google you see another example of being on the left and righ side of the page.

HTP Company

HTP Company ( Phone: 805-493-4450 ) provides the best Internet marketing company, Internet advertising and SEO services in the world. - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

Any way this email is getting to long and the bottom line is we are happy to have you increase your budget as long as you can afford to stay with this long term. We do not want you to spend too much too fast and run out of funding. Again we are trying to give you good advice and help you.