Thursday, November 23, 2023

New Evidence of unfair and illegal Election Interference by Google - Why is Google censoring Donald Trump content?

8-9-23 10 am PST - Google search results for GotoTom2 Trump
Even if you search for GotoTom2.blogspot Trump

Google still hides my Donald Trump blog page and shows negative articles from the FAKE MSM

Why is Google censoring important content about Donald Trump?

This is the blog page that Google is trying to hide

Why is Google censoring my entire Blog?

This is an example of how Google is interfering and manipulating our Elections 

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Jan 27, 2021  Reddit bans forum dedicated to supporting Trump, and Twitter permanently suspends his allies who spread conspiracy theories. Share full article.
Google has illegally broken into my Blogs over 100 times, and Google is editing and damaging my Blogs. Google wants to hide the evidence of the felony ...
Jan 8, 2021  It's one of Reddit's largest political communities dedicated to support for President Trump
I show screen shots as evidence, because Google reads my blogs.
Then Google fixes the evil search results in my examples.
I think Google may be censoring many millions of web pages worldwide.

See how Google shows negative search results to the content that I cut and pasted from my blog page.

Below is a form of election manipulation.
My blog page is missing from the search results.

Google does this billions of times a day, gaslighting people ...

Sunday, November 19, 2023

My Favorite Tweets - See Important, Funny, Interesting Tweets - Page Three

It is impossible to have 66 X Reposts and only 432 views, unless you are being unfairly censored.

Important Tweets

Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4    Page 5    Page 6

Below are some of the most interesting and important tweets that I have seen on Twitter.

It takes a few seconds for these tweets to load if your Internet is slow.

Important Tweets

Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4    Page 5    Page 6

Important Tweets

Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4    Page 5    Page 6

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