Friday, July 21, 2023

Google employee bragging about how Google will influence the 2020 elections

Google is unfairly censoring this blog.
Google lies about the number of views for this video.
I have sent over 150,000 people to see this video.
Google also deletes the comments.
 Nothing has changed at Google, it is the same as Jen describes in her video.

Google employees in West Java, Indonesia illegally broke into my Blogger account on 9-8-22 and deleted all my evidence from my Government Investigators web page on HTPcompany,com. It was connected to my blog until Google employees destroyed it with their illegal break in.
Google likes to play their silly gaslight games.
They are trying to hide the evidence of how they illegally deleted my content last night.
I put up the screen shot proving what Google did and Google illegally deleted it.

So after Google illegally deleted my content last night, they tried another cover up and illegally broke into my Blogger account again and fixed some of the damage they did last night.
Google restored the content they deleted, however it was impossible for Google to fix it without illegally breaking into my blogs again.

About two years ago, Google illegally broke into my Gmail account and spied on one of my workers named Rez, they found the login information for and illegally broke into my business website and deleted some of my files.

This uncover video tells the whole truth about what is really happening at Google today. Hopefully more Google employees will be brave and become heroes like Mike Wacker and Zach Vorhies are. These guys are specific examples for people worldwide to see American heroes in action, and how they are not afraid to stand up and "do the right thing in life".

Please send emails to: and ask the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and regulate out of control Google.
Also copy on any emails you send to the USDOJ, as multiple government organizations are currently investigating Google.

Please support - Zach is an American Hero.

Hey Google, you have been abusing me and unfairly censoring me since 2016, however I am unimportant compared to having fair elections.
I am a victim of your inappropriate censorship and I see firsthand all your evil manual manipulations of the search results.
Both Republicans and Democrats should all want fair elections with no meddling from Google.   

Learn about Google's Worldwide Election Interference.

Google took my site down in India to eliminate my freedom of speech. 

Google please stop embarrassing yourselves. You turned off my Blog in Australia also.
Now because you keep playing your silly games, I will explain why your evil tricks are so stupid.
Did you ever think I might wonder why all my international traffic disappeared? 
People all over the world are going to discover the truth and Google will not be allowed to influence elections or unfairly censor innocent people.
Freedom of speech for all people will prevail.

USA Government Investigators please help me, make Google stop torturing me. Google also turned my blog off in the UK.
Hello Google, it seems very foolish of you to provide me with many new pieces of evidence of your manual manipulation of my search results.
This is exactly what you are accused of and instead of learning any sort of lesson, you just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Any knowledgeable Internet/SEO consultants that read this are all laughing at you Google. 

Furthermore, if the DOJ, FTC, State Attorney General's, etc. investigate this it is very easy to catch Google being evil and performing manual manipulations of many particular search results. Then just compare the search results over the last 14 years for GotoTom2, and the manual manipulation is even more obvious. Google you need to hire smarter people if you want to fool me, it is like Michael Jordan in his prime, playing against a high school basketball player. 

Every time Google makes a manual intervention on particular search results it is more strong evidence that proves the Google CEO lied to Congress.
Google is violating the current laws in place (watch video below) because they are acting as a "Publisher" and not as a "Platform". To be considered a "Platform" Google is not allowed to perform censoring of content, except for Hate Speech, Pronography, Terrorists, etc. NOT for people like Tom Forrest, Dennis Prager University, etc. Since Google has censored me and many thousands of other authors, that makes Google a "Publisher".

Google deserves to be investigated and regulated by every country in the world. I am unhappy with Google because of many years of Google abusing me, bias, unfair censorship and incompetence. Also, they are still moving forward with their evil efforts to influence elections worldwide, please read the details below. I assume Google would claim this was an honest mistake on their part, which is total bullshit. Frankly, I wish I could have a worldwide public interrogation of Google. Many of my articles are still unfairly censored by Google, below are just a few.
etc., etc.
Hello Google,
Please take me off your blacklists and put me on your whitelists.
Google has turned off my ability to write local Google reviews for products and services I purchase. Google please remember you did the same evil procedures against me a few years ago, I still have the proof if you would like to see it.  Apparently Google was embarrassed when a few years ago they blocked my ability to write reviews, and now when I look back I see Google did an evil trick to try to hide what they did to me. So the evidence is clear and Google is busted red-handed again ...

In a foolish attempt to unfairly silence me, and in order to cut off my freedom of speech, now Google has taken the GotoTom2 home webpage out of the Google search results. The GotoTom2 homepage was in the Google search results since 2006. Please do a search for "GotoTom2" to see what I mean. My home page is missing from the Google search results, this just happened on 5-15-2020. It is a human implemented manual change that occurred after I wrote these new articles critical of Google.
Google continues to manually intervene on my particular search result, contrary to what the Google CEO told the USA Congress under oath to tell the truth, and the whole truth.

The Google CEO - Sundar Pichai said, No.
“We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result.”

Therefore this is an important issue for all people worldwide. Please ask yourself do you want Google manually intervening on important 2020 election information? 
Google does not want President Trump reelected, that is clear from watching this video of the Google employee. I am not affiliated with any political party, I just do not want Google interfering and influencing any political elections worldwide and to stop unfairly censoring innocent people. 

Why is Google so afraid to have people read my articles that they manually intervene and unfairly censor me trying to hide my content from all people worldwide? 
That should seem suspicious to any government organization that may be considering starting an investigation against Google.