Monday, April 01, 2024

I asked X to Stop unfairly Censoring Conservatives and Christians many times, now I Expose their Evil Deeds.

There is so much unfair Censorship at Twitter, I had to create more blog pages to document it.

See Page Three of the Evidence.

Elon Musk is still being stabbed in the back by the corrupt employees still at Twitter.

Please see screen shots below, taken on 4-13-23 at 11am PST

Evil Google broke my Blogs, so my text cannot be formatted correctly. They are trying to make me look bad, when in fact Google employees are committing multiple felony crimes against me.

Evil employees still at Twitter have many ways to unfairly censor people. Many people use the term "Shadow Ban".

That means you are being censored in secretive and devious ways. They use a mix of traffic reducing software algorithms and manual human censoring. 

The first screen shot below is a tweet that uses the hashtag #KAG

You can see that for Steve Williams, he sees his tweet exactly where it should be.

However, if anyone else on Twitter does the exact same hashtag search for #KAG, they see a different result than what unfairly censored Steve Williams sees. Clearly, Steve Williams is censored in a very secretive and devious manner. This is why Elon Musk has failed to provide a free speech social media platform. This "hashtag censorship" reduces your "Views" by 300+%. Please think about how this impacts elections if all Republican Politicians are having their traffic reduced by 300+%.

Then LIARS and idiots like Adam (shithead) Schiff and lying, evil Ted Lieu get promoted by the Communists at Twitter. 

The heinous mass censorship is only happening to MAGA, Trump supporters, Conservatives and Christian people. So Elon Musk is still part of illegal election interference, and he is totally clueless about what is really happening at Twitter. I hope some Republican politician like Speaker Kevin McCarthy can get Elon Musk to read my evidence.

All the WOKE Communist Democrats receive ZERO censoring.


New Evidence of Twitter censoring Conservatives tweets 4-14-23 12:22 pm PST

Please see another example of the Twitter censorship.

So the Communists still at Twitter are ignoring all sorts of hard core PORN and censoring innocent people. Some of the pornographic content on Twitter is so bad I cannot even show the screen shots to you. I can only show you some of the mild teases to the real hard core Porn and links to Hookers, some people refer to them as #TwitterWhores.