Friday, July 01, 2016

Google SEO Update - New Duplicate Content Algorithms - Can GM Beat Google to Dominate the Future of Driver-less Cars?

Google's new duplicate content algorithms demonstrate very impressive results. 
Google made an A+ on this test.

So I added some unique text and the Google algorithms updated this webpage within 2 days and put what used to be a "(not indexed) 3rd party embedded video only page" back into the Google index when I added unique textual content. It seems to me this will be implemented across the entire Google index over time.

From 6-14-16
I wrote an On-Page SEO article about this topic. The video below was one that Google removed from the Google search results, because it was only a video from a 3rd party source. Now I added unique textual content that I am the original creator of.
So we will test the new Google algorithms and see if they put this webpage back into the Google cache (back into the Google search results).
As I have mentioned before Google is not very good at coming back and updating some of their results based on new data (content). Also I noticed when I have written about duplicate content issues Google has responded very fast and fixed a previous problem in just two days.

Back to self driving cars.
People have been trying to create driver-less cars since 1925.
How will General Motors (GM) compete against Google and win?
It may be easier than most people think. Google has the best money making idea in the history of business (Adwords), yet of all the other investments Alphabet has made, none of them make any money yet. Please remember GM is the one that has a long history of manufacturing cars, not Google.