Sunday, June 14, 2009

Important Questions to ask Google

Dear Google,

I have a big client that competes with Molly Maids, this is one that wants to understand Google Places rules fully before they try going into Google Places.

I would appreciate if you can have someone in Google Local help me. As you know I have read all the documents you referred to me, and even wrote a Blog article asking people to read the SearchEngineLand interview with CM.

However there still are some open questions. I will show you an example that will help explain my questions?

So if you do a search for “maid service Camarillo”

You see C. Molly Maid – a big company, I think a good company…

Then you also can see G. Pro-N-Maid - a very small business, and I am sure also a good company…

So in this case we have a big and small business both not showing any real physical address, no street address, just the city Camarillo, their “service area” .

Is this okay with Google?

I think it should be, unfortunately it is not my decision. lol

Will / should C. and G. in this example be penalized by Google?

And if not will / could this be make a formal Google policy?

E.g. My client is afraid Google may decide something else later and then penalize sites for doing like those above.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Tom Forrest

Phone: 805-493-4450