Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Guess Who is Watching Me? They are in Mountain View California and the Only Other Party That Could Possibly Know About This Web Page

I am smiling because sometimes I feel like an amateur detective. I was testing out this software and decided not to use it. Then I thought I should check to make sure that it was disabled and look who else was checking this web page. Interesting.
Whoever looked at this web page (see below) could only know about it by looking inside my Blogger account.
Hmm, they are in Mountain View CA, and somehow they looked inside my Blogger account to see and click on this referral link that no one else could possibly know about. Because this was done five hours after I deleted the FeedJit software from my blog. 

I wonder who did this?
Is this a violation of my privacy?

Why do I feel violated now?

I wonder if this person might also be able to read my Gmails?