Monday, March 07, 2016

Apple's CEO Tim Cook is 100% Correct With His Privacy and Encryption Policies, Please Help Support Tim Cook on this Important Privacy Issue

by Tom Forrest

“There is nothing new in the realization that the USA Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all.”
-- US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016)

Why is the FBI Trying to Deceive the Citizens of the USA and the World?

Apples Scores iPhone Legal Victory that May Help in FBI Fight

The DoJ knows where this data on this killer’s cellphone can be found, however if it subpoenas the NSA, and the NSA complies with that subpoena, and all this becomes public, that may prove the US government is lying and really does spy on all citizens.
Surely the NSA was spying on the San Bernardino killers.

Apple filed a motion asking the courts to vacate the Judge's February 16 order requiring Apple to help the FBI access a terrorist's iPhone, contending the order violates the company's constitutional rights.

I knew I would be updating this article often, as this privacy and encryption issue will not just simply go away.

US Magistrate Sheri Pym
Magistrate judges serve as judicial officers of the  district courts and exercise the jurisdiction delegated to them by law and assigned by the district judges. Magistrate judges may be authorized to preside in almost every type of federal trial proceeding except for felony cases.

Judge Sheri Pym made a very stupid decision and she should realize that trying to force Apple to do this puts millions of people at risk. What a horrible legal decision from this ignorant Judge.
Furthermore the US government is wasting the tax payers money as there is no way to see the data on the iPhone unless the password is revealed. The FBI agents did not follow Apple's advice and made the situation worse as Apple had a potential way to make a new backup of the iPhone that would include the missing data, however the incompetent FBI agents did not wait and properly listen to Apple so they reset the iCloud backup password and ruined this golden opportunity. The US government attorneys are playing evil games and trying to blame Apple when this is the US governments fault due to their extreme incompetence in this investigation. The FBI are the ones that told the San Bernardino County officials to reset the backup password.

I saw this person John Miller on TV who is supposed to be an expert in Terrorism and also a Journalist, I think he does a terrible job at both and he never seemed very intelligent to me. His comments about Apple and their position on this issue are lies and stupid. Perhaps if Mr. Miller's phone was hacked and something bad happened to him or his family he might have a different position on this important privacy issue. Please understand I do not wish "bad things" to happen to anyone including Mr. Miller.
Furthermore, it really bothers me that a bonehead like John Miller is in such an important position in the NYPD. He works for Bill Bratton who I respect, yet I do not understand what Bratton sees in John Miller.
Topics like this are very frustrating to highly scientific and technical people like me, because the general public and news casters do not present the facts correctly. The TV news reports keep talking about "Apple will not give the information on the phone to to the FBI", when in fact Apple does not have the information to give.

The only person who understands that I have seen on TV is Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox Business.
"There is no authority for the government to compel a nonparty to its case to do its work, against the nonparty’s will, and against profound constitutional values. "

The FBI wants Apple to do very dangerous engineering development.
For what purpose?
Just so the FBI can try to brute force and randomly try different password combinations, which will take at least 6 years, maybe 100 years.
So this is why I sometimes become so frustrated with with non-technical people including this technology ignorant Judge.

I do not know if it is even possible to do what the US government wants Apple to do. The US government harms their own credibility by saying "Apple just wants to protect its business model and brand name", which is total bullshit.

What is stopping the FBI from just browsing through the iPhone?

It's locked with a passcode. The FBI doesn't have the code, and neither does Apple.
The passcode is stored only on the device itself. Because of Apple's built-in security, you have up to ten tries to enter the correct passcode. After that, the iPhone deletes itself. That means it removes all the data stored on the device.
Some people have written articles claiming Apple can do what the government desires, however I think these people (e.g. Forbes article) do not know what they are talking about and are totally incorrect. Just because a Pepperdine University Professor writes an article it does not mean he is correct. I know much more than him about this topic, I am the superior expert in this case and I am 100% correct. As a scientific person I just seek the truth.

Even if the FBI could force Apple to disable the auto-wipe (delete) function, breaking the passcode could take a very long time. The iPhone requires a minimum delay of 81 milliseconds between each pass-code entry, and wrong entries can extend the delay by minutes at a time. Assuming Farook used a six-digit pass-code, Apple estimates it could take 5.6 years to guess. However, he might have used a custom combination of letters and numbers much longer. We could die of old age waiting for that.
The release of Apple iOS 8 in 2014 came encrypted by default, which means Apple no longer had the ability to extract data "because the files to be extracted are protected by an encryption key that is tied to the user's passcode, which Apple does not possess," the company wrote in a privacy statement on its website.

The bottom line is that to decrypt the data from Farook's iPhone 5C, you would need his passcode. So the US government is just wasting tax payer money again.
Please read and watch the videos below.

Apple should prevail in court based on "Freedom of Speech" as stated in the US Constitution.

Halt efforts that compel Apple and other device makers to create a "backdoor" for the Government to access citizens data.

Please promote this on Twitter, email and Facebook, etc.

Privacy and safety are both very important, however in this case violating privacy will lead to millions of people having the safety of their personal information at risk and compromised. 
People should understand that forcing Apple to do what the government desires puts millions of people at risk, I know what I am talking about as I am an Internet security expert with too much experience fighting evil hackers.
Furthermore, we should just destroy ISIS and not worry about this phone.
Let McAfee Try to Unlock the iPhone.

Original article from 12-21-15 Below:
I certainly do not have the financial success of Apple or Tim Cook, yet I am still faced with many of the same important issues. I suggest people only use software products that follow the exact same policy as Apple does. I am proud that I independently came to precisely the same privacy and encryption believes of Tim Cook and Apple. 
No One Having The Encryption Key Except the End User is Best.
No Back Doors Allowed.

So that is what we do with our Even if we gave any government the encrypted files, it would take every super computer in the world and 200,000+ years to break the code. I will be long gone by then. 

Charlie Rose does his usual fantastic job of interviewing Tim Cook. One fact that seemed very interesting to me was why safety nets had to be installed in the dorm buildings of the 1,000,000+ workers in China that manufacture Apple products to help prevent the workers from jumping out of the windows and killing themselves. I do not think it is fair to blame Apple for this as the real reason these workers want to kill themselves is that they are forced to live under communism.

Please remember that 67% of Apple's business comes from outside of the USA. So they are a truly global company.