Friday, March 18, 2016

Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer at Apple. Jony Explains His Role at Apple, and Why he Enjoyed Working with Steve Jobs

Please click here to see the article and video interview by Charlie Rose. Unfortunately, Google has caused a new software defect that prevents me from showing this video on the home page of my blog.
All I can say is that Blogger continues to have terrible software quality control problems and I hope Google has better software engineers working on the autonomous cars. I will not drive in a Google autonomous car when they come out because I see the pathetically defective software quality disaster that Blogger is.

My company builds software with zero defects and I am extremely proud of this fact, yet this also causes me to be very frustrated with the horrible job Blogger/Google does at software quality control. People should be unhappy if they put in the effort to create a blog and then Google keeps breaking it over and over again because of their incompetence.

I suggest Google should start hiring older (50+ years old) software and Internet experts to help manage all the young people that Google hires. The young software engineers Google hires do not have good quality control experience or training. I think my early days of designing and creating navigation guidance computers and software for intercontinental ballistic missile systems taught me how to develop defect free software. It is an immensely serious problem if an intercontinental ballistic missile has any software defects.
Then I teach my "defect free methodologies" to all the young software developers that work for me.

On "Charlie Rose, a look at Apple the company with Jony Ive the Chief Design Officer of the company. Our conversations with him began in San Francisco in September of 2015. We talk about the iPhone, other Apple products, and what design means to him and to Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)