Thursday, February 04, 2016

How to Find Search Results from a Different City on Google, Inconsistent Google Search Results, Google's Amit Singhal to Retire

It is funny to me how after I found out about how to see Google search results from another city I felt a small sense of relief. It shows how "imprinted" this Google search option was in my brain.

Please read this excellent retirement letter from a super intelligent, kind, and caring person. Amit has earned the highest level of respect from everyone in the Internet industry. A real American success story and a dream life.

I have been testing different keyword phrases and see inconsistency in how Google shows search results across the USA. E.g. sometimes you see no Google Places results for a city when every other city shows "Places" results, also some related keyword phrases do not show Google Places results and some do.

You can see what I mean if you search on the following keyword phrases from the following cities.
Please search for the following keyword phrases from:
New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Web Design Company
SEO Companies
Advertising Agency 
Internet Marketing Company
Online Advertising Agency
Internet Advertising
Internet Advertising Company
Flower Delivery
Find a Hotel

I wrote a previous article about all these new Google changes and why I was very unhappy about them.

I think Google should always show Google Places results below the "traditional Google search results", because the Google Places results have many low quality companies compared to the "better quality" of the classic or traditional Google search results.

Google and Yahoo are both going crazy with changes, so perhaps the "dust has not settled yet" with how search results will be displayed. Or maybe we are in situation where Google, Yahoo and Bing will be making weekly or monthly major changes. That is the way it is today, the changes are happening so fast my head is spinning. I wish Google and Yahoo would both stabilize for 6 months or longer.