Wednesday, August 03, 2016

How and Why "the Sharing Economy" is Really "Crowd-Based Capitalism" - Arun Sundararajan, Brad Hargreaves, Rana Foroohar

I was in Amsterdam last summer and was in a taxi asking the driver what he thinks about Uber. The Dutch are very good at inventing and figuring out how to make life run smoother and with less hassles. They invented the telescope, the incubator, binoculars and the best orange juice squeezing machine, etc.
The taxis in Amsterdam work for both taxi companies and Uber (interview with Travis Kalanick the co-founder). In Paris the taxi drivers burn down the streets protesting Uber. This is a good example of what I mean by my statements above. Also it seems funny to me since the idea for Uber was conceived in Paris.
The Dutch taxi driver asked me a good question:
Why did I not invent Uber?

I asked him what will happen in Paris when Uber starts using autonomous cars instead of drivers?

The following video discusses these topics with experts and is very interesting.