Saturday, November 26, 2016

Please Help Share the Following Video about "Violence Against Women"... Then I Read the Comments and Now I am not sure What to Believe.

I was initially in support of this video, because I know this is a problem worldwide.
Then I started to read the comments which I post below.

It always bothers me when women do not believe another women, and since I am a man I know that some women can trick and manipulate men easily. So now I am not sure what to believe. Please read the comments below and decide for yourself.

Why is Girlgaze ignoring the fact that Amber was arrested for beating her wife ? This is such a phoney and insulting video. She can't even act like she believes what she's saying. Such a slap in the face to real victims of real domestic violence. What a piece of work she is...and Girlgaze is the worst for publishing this. Where is your sense of responsibility and honesty?

Jake Bsn 
Because society has always been catering to women and treating them as innocent victims. Imagine a man abuse his wife, then the media give him a voice and funds to speak about violence against men as he plays the victim.
Carlotta Vigna 
Actually, society has ignored the violation of women for a long, long time...we were considered the property of our fathers and husbands and as such, we had very little rights. Even today, if a woman claims rape, a guy could walk into a courtroom and claim she wanted it and bring in 5 other guys to collaborate his story. However, to be fair, the sexier and better looking the woman, the better chance she will be believed. No, I can't imagine a man getting away with the crap she pulls but for goodness sake, don't the people who promote her have any responsibility here?