Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now that Donald Trump will be President of the USA he is Going to Receive Many Funny Yet Negative Comic Commentaries

Stephen Colbert has been a long time hater of Donald Trump and Republicans. So some Trump supporters will not appreciate this comedy video.
If you are a Democrat and a Clinton supporter you will like this video.
After you watch this video please email Stephen Colbert and ask him to interview Bill Clinton's half black son Danney Williams via Bill Clinton's prostitute on his TV show.

46% of eligible voters did not vote.
25.6% voted for Clinton.
25.5% voted for Trump. 

Enough people will be talking about the low turnout as a bad thing (and it’s absolutely disgusting for many reasons) but I want to point out what a good thing it is in one specific way. Many people are utterly shattered that “half the country hates them.” 

Only a quarter of the country voted for Trump. On its own, that’s enough to drop the fear by half. Then Remember, over 2/3 of Trump’s supporters WHO ACTUALLY SHOWED UP TO VOTE FOR HIM said they do not like or agree with him, they just hate the system/Hillary more and want to drop him on it like a nuke. 
Half the country does not actively hate you. 
Approximately 8% does. 

That’s 8% too many, that’s a loud and powerful 8% surrounded by a ton of apathy, and yes, apathy in the presence of hate is a form of oppression. That apathy is a terrible thing, and yes, we need to fight it. 

However there a difference between “50% of the USA hates me vs. 8%.”