Sunday, November 13, 2016

Today Google Chrome Updated to a Very Defective Version, If Possible Do Not Download It

Update: 11-11-16  Google has fixed some of the bugs and this version of Chrome is working better now.
I can now use the Google Chrome Plugin for
Online Password Manager

I figured out a very strange Google Chrome defect and Google censored my comments on their blog.

Message to Google, using their own quote ... Google, Shameless Censorship is not acceptable and is well Shameless. Apply your quotes to yourself.

Today 11-10-16 Google Chrome made an update that has many defects.

I am surprised as up until now Google Chrome has been fantastic and had very few if any bugs (defects).
The newest version is terrible and Google Chrome should immediately go back to the previous version and make it easy for everyone to download and install the previous version.
I am extremely frustrated now with Google Chrome as I have wasted several hours of my time trying to uninstall the new defective version of Chrome and install the previous good version.
Now the newest defective version of Chrome will not even let me uninstall it.

I hope this does not mean Google Chrome has lost the outstanding developers they had and that they are not replaced by lame new people.
This is how things go at Google, senior people retire and then it goes to crap.

This is what happened to the Google Spam department when Amit Singhal retired.

Now that Amit Singhal is gone Google has terrible problems and a very defective Google Spam Department. Dr. Singhal was the key person behind Google search for 15-years and he also kept the Google Spam Department on track, now they are off the track and totally out of control.

I hope the same thing is not happening with Google Chrome.
I will update this article as soon as possible.