Monday, November 07, 2016

Google and Eric Schmidt are Part of the WikiLeaks Emails, How Could Google Be Considered Unbiased After You Read These Emails

The article that I link to below is written by John Colascione one of the top Internet, web development, business and software experts in the world.

WikiLeaks is doing the world a favor and in a strange way citizens of the USA should thank Russia for finding all these secret and deleted emails for us. Of course, Hillary Clinton does not agree, however she truly does belong in jail for all her evil activities. I am not affiliated with any political party and I hate the recorded comments that Donald Trump made about women, he certainly is not like Ronald Reagan. I consider Ronald Reagan to be the last great USA Presidents and he made one of the most important speeches in world history in 1987. Not many people can change the world in such an incredible manner by standing up for Freedom of Speech and Democracy. Every person on earth should watch this speech Ronald Reagan made.

I hope the FTC and the FCC read John's excellent article and implement government regulations to protect USA citizens from Google's violations of our privacy and freedom of speech. As a life long entrepreneur it is very difficult for me to recommend more government regulations, however this is an exceptional situation. 
We should all also thank John Colascione for his outstanding article: