Monday, November 14, 2016

The Website President Obama's Team Helped Build for is Defective and Does Not Work Reliability

The website only works sometimes and it is not reliable. It worked using the latest version of Google Chrome after multiple attempts. Then I tried it using Microsoft Edge, the first attempt failed and on the second try it worked. So I think if you try multiple times it might work. However only being able to work about 1 out 3 times is not very good.

Who Built the Defective Website?
Was it Obama's Team or Trump's Team?

I do not think President Elect Trump could be building .gov websites without help from the current administration.
If I find out Trump's Team is responsible for the defective website I will update this article.

This is very sad, yet funny to me as President Obama is not known for building websites that work properly.

The site is defective and if you try to apply for a job it just gives you a vague error message sometimes. So not many people can apply for jobs. Or if they only try once and it fails then they may give up. This reminds me of the first Obama Care website, it only worked a small percentage of the time and not at all for many people.
President Elect Trump, you should ask how many applications you have received.
Not as many as you should be receiving, because the website is not reliable and only seems to work sometimes.