Wednesday, October 05, 2016

New Changes to the Search Box, Google Please Do Not Put Adwords on My Blogger Search Results

Google ( changed the custom search box on a blog so 75+% of the results page is now covered by Google Adwords. See screen shot below.

Google please do not do this. Please do not put any Adwords on a's (Blogspot) search results.

A good article to read is by Graywolf SEO:
Google giving more space to Adwords has only become worse since Graywolf first wrote this article.
When do we reach the limit of how much space Google Adwords are going to take on search results pages?

It appears that Blogger turned off the Adwords in my blog search results already (about one hour), we will see if they come back. Wow, sometimes Blogger/Google fixes problems fast.

I just realized I want some part of my life where "Big Brother Google" cannot bother me. Now Google censors me and inappropriately violates my freedom of speech in too many terrible ways. My wish is that Google indexes all my content and web sites in their search engine, and they should as I follow all Google guidelines. I hope I can at least have a blog where people can search "all my content", and not have Adwords feed to them via a fire hose.

I found this interesting and useful video this teacher from Alabama named Nancy M. made about Google Custom Search. She is an outstanding teacher for doing this for her students and I wish more teachers were like Nancy. I hope she is also teaching her students that Google needs government regulation in order to protect their "freedom of speech".

I was searching to see if Google has taken any of this GotoTom2 blogs content out of the Google cache (not indexed), I only found one page and it made me laugh.
Google took it out of the Google search engine because I said on that post "Google reads my blog". It is very funny because this is the only page Google penalized, which proves that they do read my blog ... get it?