Saturday, October 01, 2016

Exposing Fake Google Accounts and Fake Google Reviews

Update: 4-5-16
The following content was previously censored and banned by Google because they were trying to prevent people from reading it. This was fixed very quickly by Google and now everything is fine with this web page.
I have been researching and investigating fake Google accounts and fake Google reviews the last few months. Please check back as I will be updating this article often.

Breaking News:
Recently I have uncovered some new information (e.g. voice mail) that leads me to believe this fake review writer that uses the fake name "Marty Topping" may in fact be an ex-employee of my company. He did not work directly for me, yet for incorrect reasons in his mind he does not like me. Of course if this turns out to be correct, I will file a law suit against him and make him pay for the evil deeds he has committed against me. The real first name of my suspect starts with the letter "P".

I put out a challenge to Google to help me catch and punish this faker. Google instead of denying the truth, please work with me to catch fake review writers like aka Marty Topping.

I wrote another article with videos that I suggest you read first, about all types of fake reviews from multiple companies, e.g. Yelp, Amazon, Google, etc.

This article is focused only on Google. If you read my previous article then you understand why this is so important and how this topic negatively affects many millions of people. In this article I am going to use a case study and a real life example.

I own a software product that is sold in the Google Chrome store. It is an online password manager and I also wrote an article showing my own screen shots and how and why I use our OnlinePasswordManager (OPM) every single day. Our OPM has only been in the Google Chrome store for less than a year (press release), so every review is very important at this stage. We have all 4 and 5 star reviews except for one "fake 1 star Google review" from a person named Marty Topping.
Now at first you should ask how do I know it is a fake Google review?

Update: Now this fake and scammer that uses the name Marty Topping is quite a smooth and bold conman, he wrote more in Google claiming he  is real, yet his story is total bullshit. Google will not let me respond in the Google Store, so my only recourse is to expose this faker here.
Why would someone write a review from a company they claim they sold?

If he sold the company then why is his name still on the domain registration? This person (aka Marty) is busted in yet another lie.
People do register domain names under fake names or someone else's name.
I think I need to put my boots on now as this scammers bullshit is getting really deep.

Also if you sold your company why would the new owners let you use the email address?
More importantly why is the email broken and does not work?

I smell Bullshit.
Why would this fake person not email me directly or contact me and meet in person with me?

I wish Google would pursue this and teach this person a lesson. I wonder if this fake person is even located in the USA. 
These type of conman are good at using the strategy of:
Admit Nothing. Deny Everything. Make Counter-Accusations.
This is because these strategies sometimes work.

I do not think Google is doing enough to stop fake review writers. Also I (a human) am much better at detecting a faker and a scammer then any artificial intelligence software Google currently has.
For example would Google's software know this domain name that the faker Marty claims he sold is still registered in his name and would the artificial intelligence software be able to deduce that this fact alone would be grounds to block and ban this fake Google account that uses the name Marty Topping?

No Google is not advanced enough to do that, yet I am smart enough to do it. Then as a human when I detect lies I know how to dig deeper and uncover the truth, plus I can file a lawsuit against wrong doers I catch and I have done so in the past and won.
Since Google reads my blog maybe they will do the right thing and delete this fake review.
This could happen to any business and I try to explain to everyone you cannot trust all online reviews.

I could go on and on exposing this scam because what this Marty Topping claimed in his fake and false Google review is technically impossible. Note to fake negative review writers, if you do not want to be exposed at least come up with a fake claim that is believable. The scammer is busted in another lie.
It is a little funny in an odd way that this faker and scammer reads my blog. I have many viewers from all over the world. Message to the scammer that uses the name Marty Topping, you should delete your fake reviews about my product and then I would delete the name Marty Topping from my article exposing you as a fake and a scammer. If not this article will stay as is and I will continue to hunt for you.

Guess what will happen if I find you?

This faker Marty Topping is laughing at Google and me. He is taunting us and making fun of us because he thinks no one can stop him or catch him.
We tried to contact this person who only has one review on Google plus and furthermore uses a fake business address.

If you try to email the company, guess what, their email does not work.

So they use a fake business address, have a fake website with pictures of people and even with people and their fake families and their main company email is broken and not working. You phone their company and all you receive is a voice mail of a person named Tracy, who when we check her background she mentions a totally different company she works for on LinkedIn.
Then when I leave a voice mail(s) that I want to hire them to do some work for HTPcompany no one returns my phone calls.
If you look at the website the content on this site is from 2008.

So is Marty Topping even a real person?
If yes, then why did he write this fake review?
Did someone hire him to write fake Google reviews?
Or is this part of a bigger fake Google account and fake Google review world-wide organization?

I am not sure yet.
If it is bigger, than this Marty Topping name is used in the "who is" information for the domain registration.
I am wondering now if this fake Google account and fake Google review is just one of many used by a company that buys and uses old websites so they have many fake Google accounts that are long aged and associated with old domain names.
I am currently in the process of investigating this further and will report my findings as often as possible.

Do I blame Google for this?
Yes I do blame Google.
I mean who allowed this person and all the many hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of other fake Google accounts and fake Google reviews to be online?

What should I do now?
If Google does not delete the fake and false review I reported to Google.

According to Google, owners of websites are allowed to respond to reviews given by customers.
However it is against Google policies to publicly claim that a Google review is fake.

So am I supposed to lie Google?
The truth is that this review from Marty Topping is a scam, fake and false. Also that if Google does not delete it, they are defective and evil for allowing this or any false and fake review to remain online.