Sunday, September 25, 2016

An Interesting Article About Google Censorship I Found in My Research, I am Doing More Research on this Topic in the Future

I am conducting research in order to write more articles about Internet censorship. I found this interesting article below about Google.

I do know from my own personal experience of Google inappropriately censoring me, that all people worldwide should be very concerned about Google unfairly censoring, punishing (bully) and penalizing the general public, and business owners websites. 

Is Google the Worlds Biggest Censor?
Does Google Need Government Regulation in Order to Protect Small Business Owners?

If Google were just another mom-and-pop shop with a sign saying "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone," that would be one thing. But as the golden gateway to all knowledge, Google has rapidly become an essential in people's lives – nearly as essential as air or water. We don't let public utilities make arbitrary and secretive decisions about denying people services; we shouldn't let Google do so either.

Google does not want communist China censoring them, however it appears that Google is okay with their censoring of people and acting in a similar manner to (like) communist China. Google has brought the government to their doorstep by not doing a very good job of protecting people's "freedom of speech" and treating all people equally and fairly regarding Google penalties. A Google penalty is an example of how Google implements censorship. E.g. Denying your content access to the "golden gateway of knowledge", which Google controls.

Please help protect "freedom of speech" and share this blog post and article with your friends and business associates.

If the USA FCC investigates this topic further they will also find that Google treats small business owners much more harshly and gives penalties (censorship) that are 900%+ longer than too large corporations.
E.g. You will not see Google penalizing BMW for 2.5 years. However this does happen to small business owners and I have evidence and proof. This is not considering that the small business may have not done anything wrong in the first place, it is caused by Google's incompetence and Google not being able to implement their own vague and secretive rules properly.