Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Instead of Penalizing Innocent Websites Google Should Not Be Promoting Sites That Give You Very Bad SEO Advice

Google has been keeping Blacklists of authors, and has been caught red-handed performing multiple manual manipulations of search engine results.

I like this new Google feedback feature where I send in my suggestions. I give my name because Google knows who I am already. If you are not "known" by Google I advise you do not give your name in the feedback.
I noticed Google did fix many things I have suggested. I would say over time Google has fixed 75% of what I have suggested. The bad part is the 25% Google has not fixed are their most serious defects.
If you do a Google search for "list of directory sites", Google was showing a terrible site at the top that just gave you a list of spam directories that will surely get you penalized by Google. One day after I sent in my feedback Google changed this, however the new site they promote still gives bad SEO advice. You do not want to automate any part of submitting to Directories. You do not want multiple directory listings all with the same descriptions and content.

Guess what, that is spam and duplicate content.

What do you think Google does to a website that has 287+ low quality and free directory listings that have no editorial review and any submission is accepted.
Then on top of this you use the same anchor text (link title) and all the content and descriptions are exactly the same?

You are going to be seriously penalized by Google. They have different levels of penalties and doing this will cause one of the worst Google penalties.

You can see the screen shot of what I sent in below.

The following is the bad advice, and Google has penalized many directories and sites listed on the violating Directories for doing exactly this.
Filling out the forms over and over again can be a big pain, so here's a link to an autofill add-on for Firefox that should help prevent carpal tunnel.