Thursday, September 01, 2016

Dag Kittlaus, Who Previously co-founded Siri, Discusses His New Company Viv and Advances in Artificial Intelligence

This is a very interesting interview of Dag Kittlaus by Charlie Rose.
Dag explains the background and history of how he first co-founded Siri and how Apple purchased his company. He mentions his meetings with Steve Jobs and what Steve said to him. Dag also describes his vision for his new company Viv.
He is a top expert in the world in this field and I am  happy Charlie Rose is interviewing him. You can learn the about the future of technology and artificial intelligence from people like Dag Kittlaus.
I disagree with Dag on one small issue, sometimes it is better to not use a voice interface. It is better to offer users the choice of using voice recognition or phone pad, or keyboard. Online ordering of prescriptions from Kaiser Permanente changed over to voice recognition and it is much better and faster for this application to use the phone keypad instead of voice recognition.