Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Interesting SEO and Google Censorship Issues to Track for Further Research

I like to use the Google search box to find articles and information on my blogs.
Then I can email links to people. Also it is a good way to see if Google is censoring any of my content and how I caught Google inappropriately censoring my blog content the first time a few years ago. I think Google is not censoring my content now or maybe just censoring a few of my articles. I am always afraid of "Big Brother Google" unfairly censoring my content.
This lead to me using the "site:" command and writing this article where I discovered new SEO related and search engine changes Google has recently made.

The new way Google changed the site command makes it possible for Google to perform a more advanced and refined form of censorship. E.g. they could make an article not searchable in the Google search engine, yet still searchable via a blog search box.
Of course I wish Google just decided to stay out of the censorship business and leave that to communist China. 

How many people is Google unfairly Censoring and Penalizing?

I have a few articles about Google unfairly penalizing innocent websites and you can find them if you search on this blog for "7meg".
When a few bad employees at Google ruin it for the majority of good Google employees by incorrectly penalizing innocent website owners, Google's entire reputation is ruined. I do not think Google's top management understands how important this is. Now many people might believe that the Google SPAM department is comprised of evil unethical clowns that are defective and act out as bullies.

Because a few Google employees that should be fired penalized a lot of innocent websites for outbound links when they do not even have any outbound links. Guess what, now all Google employees have an evil cloud over their heads and this person ruined your previous good reputation for fairness, now you may be just considered a bunch of evil people because no one at Google had the courage to do the "right thing" and fix these terrible defects and mistakes.

I do not understand why it takes Google so long to identify spam problems and take action. This "paid links in widgets" problem has been going on for several years and Google should have taken action on this at least three years ago. I suppose "better late, than never".