Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Interview of Edward Snowden. Is He a Hero or a Traitor to the USA? It is a Tough Decision for Me

The Edward Snowden story is a very difficult decision for me regarding if he is a traitor or a hero. Maybe he is 60% traitor and 40% hero?
From a legal perspective as Mr. Snowden states in his interview he understands the USA laws and he will most likely go to jail if he returns to the USA. The main problem I have is that the laws are defective and should be changed, perhaps so Mr. Snowden would only spend 2-5 years in prison, not the rest of his life.
I think he wants to return to America, which is crazy to me.
I would prefer to live as a free man in Russia then go to prison in the USA.

I think he may meet a nice women in Russia and live there the rest of his life. E.g. live happy forever in Russia.

See the Full Katie Couric Interview of Edward Snowden in Moscow Russia by Clicking "Read more"