Monday, December 05, 2016

USA President-Elect Trump Stands Up to China and is Keeping His Promises to American Citizens

The main stream news media are not journals like they used to be many years ago. Now we have unfair biased liberal democrats like lame Anderson Cooper tainting the news reports and criticizing anyone that does not agree with him.
President Obama has been considered very weak in regards to US foreign policy by many millions of people all over the world. 
President-Elect Trump is not weak and is already standing up to China and letting them know that the USA policies towards China will be changing. I think this is a good thing, besides President-Elect Trumps recent tweets towards China, lets not forget China is a communist country and the USA is a proud and free democracy. Being an American means we stand up against communism and fight for freedom and democracy for all repressed people all over the world, that is what true Americans do and believe in.
Does anyone think the starving North Korean people would not love us to save them from Kim Jon-un?
This is not something new, it was just forgotten by President Obama. 
Please watch this fantastic speech by Ronald Reagan in Berlin in 1987 to see and understand exactly what I mean.

Below is a fair and unbiased report by CBS news.

How will President Trump work with Congress?