Monday, December 12, 2016

Chase Bank Will Not Protect You From Fraud and Chase Customer Service STINKS, it is Horrible, and Terrible, etc. Chase bank Lied to me and Scammed me.

Update 11-21-16:
The Chase executive office phoned me while I was driving and said they are going to credit my account the $386. This is a positive and good thing Chase bank promised to do for me. Chase bank lied to me on a recorded phone line (11-17-16).

My own bank that I have been doing business with for over 25-years lied to me and scammed me. 
Chase gave me the credit and then reversed it and took the money away from me. I need to find a new bank that does not treat me in such a terrible manner, lie to me and scam me. I will also file a complaint with the and the
Please see screen shot below of my Chase account transactions, which prove how Chase Bank lied to me and scammed me out of the money they promised to pay me.

11-17-16 - Original Article By Tom Forrest
I knew when I started investigating Chase Bank that I would find many thousands of complaints against Chase Bank on the Internet.

My personal experience with Chase Bank is horrible and they cheated me out of $386. I have been a long time Chase customer for over 25-years, then I make one report on my Chase debit/credit card of fraud, and Chase bank treats me like crap and like I am wrong when a hotel in California fraudulently and without my permission put multiple charges on my Chase debit/credit card. I did not approval and authorize these charges on my Chase credit/debit card. You have zero protection from fraud when you use their debit/credit card.

Chase bank just outsources their customer service to the Philippines and the service STINKS. They should have negative stars and many thousands of people have the same terrible experience with Chase Bank. I am not against the Philippines or India, however USA companies are trying to save money and they do not train these people properly and you may as well talk to a tree. Chase debit/credit customer service is the worst I have ever seen and the people are totally incompetent and arrogant. Then if you complain to the Chase executive office you get nothing. 
You can try to email or both of which offer no help what so ever.

I suggest you apply for an American Express card if you want good customer service and protection from fraud.