Saturday, June 11, 2016

How to SEO Your Blogspot Title Tag, So you Can Rank Better in Search Engines

It is funny how SEO impacts my life in strange and odd ways, and how one can accidentally learn about how Google works.
Anytime you make a major SEO change, like changing your "title tag", it gives you an opportunity to study and learn more about Google.

I am going on a one-year business trip around different cities in the USA and meeting with our clients and sales employees of HTP Company. I am bringing my dog Bella with me and staying in,, Homeaway, and using and a new excellent site I found called . 

The owners want to see my dog, and you can Google my dog.

GotoTom Bella

I changed the code for the Blogger template and all of the title tags are updated to the new improved format.
However you can see that "Blogger Pages" are not covered by the Title Tag code mentioned below. Generally this is okay since most Blogger sites have many more posts than pages.

From: 6-1-16
Blogger has a long list of defects and Google cannot seem to fix them. This is why I call Blogger the "$5,000,000,000 toy".

It really is not for professional use because of all the core content management system (CMS) defects and many other defects. I use it mainly because as a consultant I need to be knowledgeable in all Google products and services.
When clients ask me should we use Blogger (outstanding hacker protection) or WordPress (terrible hacker protection), I should have an expert answer. Unfortunately it is very frustrating to become an expert in Blogger because of all the unfixed defects.
In order to be fair to Google (I do write positive comments about Google sometimes), Chrome is a fantastic product that I highly recommend and it is by far the best browser on the market. I have a very high level of respect for the Chrome developers as they create close to defect free software that is intuitive and easy to use.

Then after we go forward from the above you need to consider the fundamentally stupid SEO things that Blogger does.
#1 on the list is the screwed up way Blogger creates Title tags and the article below explains how to work around this Blogger serious SEO limitation.