Thursday, June 02, 2016

Over 80% of People Are Incorrect To Trust Online Reviews - Censorship Issues

Update 11-5-15
Considering the fact that Google blatantly violated me and was caught censoring my content on my Blogger account (10-3-15), violating my privacy, denying me my freedom of speech, and also censoring my content on the Google search engine. I am very disappointed in the small amount of effort Google has made to remove all the evil deeds committed upon me by Google employees. I would say only about 25% of the damage done to me has been corrected so far. Until Google does what is fair and just and fixes the evil done to me in order to censor me and deny my freedom of speech, I will not trust Google and no one should trust Google.

Original Article below:

As time advances and days go by since I first caught Google censoring my content I have a stronger feeling of having my privacy and freedom of speech violated by "Big Brother Google". Each day the negative feelings keep growing, and I feel victimized. 
I am trying to stay positive about this experience however it is difficult.

I also wonder how many other people Google is unfairly censoring and punishing for content they do not like?

I appealed to the most senior manager at Google available to me and he can fix problems very fast. So it appears Google is now starting to index my previously censored and banned content.
I think Google is taking all penalties and censorship off of me, and I see improvements every single day.
What can I say, I am glad the top management of Google does not allow evil behavior by their employees, yet at the same time I wish this never happened to me in the first place.

It seems very ironic that Google does not want Communist China to censor them yet some Googlers think it is okay to censor me.

I am a fair person (mid-westerner), so since I think Larry Page helped me, I am making this article "Nicer" towards Google and taking out some of the harsher language. The root of this entire issue was someone writing a fake review in the Google Chrome Store about my and .com
So instead of investigating and verifying that I am 100% correct, and that the fake review should be removed, some evil Googler(s) decided he was going to teach me a lesson. After you read this entire article both part 1 and part 2, you will see that this "fake review" and the defective processing of the fake review by Google is most likely the root cause of all my problems. Unfortunately Google still has not deleted this fake review against my Online Password Manager (OPM) product. 

Please see the screen shot of the Fake 1 Star Review from the Fake Google account Marty Topping below.

You can search for some executive Google names, e.g. "Larry Page" in the search box to the "right top" of this page. That is one of several tests to see if Google is continuing to censor my content. 

There is still one page that I do not care about that is not searchable that Google previously censored. I am a nice nerd type businessman, so I am intrigued when I figure out something that Google cannot figure out and fix. That is all nerd crap from me, below is the significant point for the world to see.
The important fact is that very high level management at Google is committed to protecting the "freedom of speech" for all people. That is the moral of this story. 

Google has been trying to fix the unfair damage they did to me?
SEO Lesson:
Google can do whatever they want to with your website as far as where it ranks, or if it even ranks in their search engine at all. You could go up or down, also in or out of the Google search engine database (index) over time. Generally Google only takes you out for a valid reason. My guess of the amount of unfairly penalized websites is about 1% or less, however tell that to someone who has been unfairly penalized. Also 1% of all the web sites in the world is still a very large number. I have been unfairly penalized by Google about six times over the last ten years. This is different sites, some of these unfair penalty events are documented on this web site. This is why you should register your domain names via proxy, however they still could be randomly penalized by incompetent Google employees.
To me the only analogy I can make to being unfairly penalized by Google, is how people that have to live under Communism must feel.

In my opinion the Google founders have always been strong supporters of freedom of speech and fairness.
My point is sometimes in life we can do something that is legal, however it may not be fair or moral.
Also in Google's case they are so successful governments around the world try to put extra privacy restrictions on Google.

So Google unfairly penalized a few of my websites previously because they did not like some of my articles.
Now they have fixed my Online Password Manager (OPM) site ranking problems and it is #5 now. Unlike many big company software packages that are full of defects (bugs), our product works great and it has zero software defects. I use it every single day and it saves me hundreds of hours of my time a year. With a one year free trial in the Google Chrome Store it is one of the best deals in the world.

They fixed another site they unfairly penalized, yet now I think it was somehow over written and hopefully Google will restore my Used Cars Oxnard CA site back to the first page.

I have been watching the evolution of "online reviews" for over ten years now, 80+% of people believe you can trust online reviews and they are mostly wrong.

I did a Google search and found this outstanding article from SearchEngineLand.

I prefer not to go into all the details, knowledge and verified information I have. I will just explain why this study proves most people are wrong to trust online reviews. Also I give real examples of how Google is blocking legitimate review writing attempts by many people including me.

Please promote this article on Facebook, Twitter, and email it to as many people as possible so they can help fight for "freedom of speech".

Part 2 of this article was previously censored by Google. It was unsearchable in this blog.

I suggest you finish reading this article and then go to Part 2, as it will make more sense to you.

First we will start out with pathetically lame and defective Yelp Reviews and then come back to Google Reviews.

The #1 worst site to trust is Yelp. Perhaps I will come back and link to other articles proving how ridiculously defective the reliability of Yelp reviews are.  So why would I try to write a review on a site that I think should be deleted from Google entirely?
People could still use, why does it need to be in Google?
What are you supposed to do if one of your competitors makes a negative attack on your business by using defective Yelp?
If you contact Yelp they will just ignore you, I receive many complaints by business owners about how terrible Yelp is. I have clients that say " are Communists". Yet Yelp is feeding the masses their message about how they are fighting fake reviews.

Dear Yelp, how can you fight against fake reviews if you cannot even tell a fake review from a real review?

Moving forward, let's look at Google reviews. Google seems to be aggressively expanding their desire to dominate the review business. In the last few weeks Google has taken over the review business by putting reviews to every single business in with their website, so if you search for e.g. HTPcompany, you will see with a  2 Google reviews - Write a Review  HTP Company Google+ page

As of 10-13-15 Google has backed off a little and now you only see company reviews if the search is geo-targeted.

Now it is very difficult for me to trust Google and I will always be worried about my other content and when "Big Brother Google" may decide it needs to be censored.

Unfortunately, Google is also not good enough at deciding what is a fake review and what is a real review.  No one is good enough at it.
When I think about my gut reaction and many other people's feelings about this topic one theme seems strong in my mind.
This is another form of losing privacy and control of one's life to software and machines.
Today almost everything we do is video taped and now almost everyone we talk with, even crazy people can easily write an online review about our business or cases where you win a law suit against someone and yet they can still get away with writing a fake review about your business.

Update: Google is now letting me post reviews again.
Since I know Google employees read my blog, I want to show that I am trying to be fair and report the good and bad. Also Google does fix many defects I write about and report, and for full disclosure I do own Google stock.
Several weeks ago I tried to write a review on Google Plus, it was not approved. Google has blocked my legitimate review attempt, furthermore this makes me want to not even bother with Google Plus. Companies who want to be in this business miss the boat when it comes to motivating people to want to use their products. By Google blocking my legitimate attempts to write real reviews, I just feel like "Big Brother" has control of my life. Even if Google blocks my reviews for a few days or only blocks some of my reviews, then Google loses me. I would rather just have my freedom of speech and write a web page or blog article. Unfortunately now Google is starting to censor some of my Blogger articles. So if you are considering using Blogger, I suggest you make a different choice. I also wonder why Google employees do not use Blogger?
Now I will make a positive comment about Google and Blogger. Google does a fantastic job of keeping Blogger free of evil hackers. Where WordPress stinks at this and has a horrible problems with hackers breaking in. I know from firsthand experience.

Google Plus and the entire Google "review process" is a huge turn off that many people have no desire to participate in.
I decided I should show a screen shot and make a joke attempt.
On my Tombstone it can say:
"Tom was not qualified to review Eggs-N-Things".
"Tom is not qualified to review eggs".

One may also ask the question, if Google is blocking my legitimate reviews how many millions of other reviews has and will Google incorrectly block?
How many reviews is Google incorrectly approving, and how do they tell a real review from a fake review?
How much of a bias is this causing in the review results?
I do know Google today is vastly more sophisticated in technology to engage the difficult set of "review process" problems which humans are still much better at. However Google is changing and advancing with artificial intelligence research that I think may already be used by the Google review software. Google has Ray Kurzweil helping them. Ray is one of the top experts in the world in artificial intelligence and one of the greatest inventors, engineers and scientists on earth.

Google is showing reviews from 8-24 years ago, and these are most likely 65+% bullshit and fake. Google was not even in business 24 years ago so I wonder where they are acquiring this old data from?

Yelp is 700% worse with this problem than Google is.
Yes it frustrates me to see any big company pretending they can solve this problem and deliver close to 100% real reviews.
My estimate is that today 20% to 45% of the reviews on the Internet are fake, false and not real. This does not even consider all the legitimate reviews that have been incorrectly blocked.

Amazon has verified reviews on their site and you must purchase to write a review. I tested this out on multiple purchases and if I gave a positive review they were all accepted. I tried giving 3-4 negative reviews on crappy electronic products that deserved it and Amazon would not approve any of my negative reviews. Apparently they must of had a lot of inventory to sell for those bad products.
I suggest you only trust a recommendation from a real person (friend, family member, co-worker, etc.) you actually respect.
Then you have bigger companies that think they are clever, that rip people off and cheated me out of money that control their reviews in a very smart unethical way. Do you think this company will approve my review that says they cheated me out of $136? ripped off Tom Forrest for $136 seems to have found a loophole with Google reviews.
You cannot write a Google review and the Google reviews do not show up when you search for "WebstaurantStore", which is frustrating as I want to write a negative review about them.

Unfortunately "Big Brother Google" has denied my rights to make recommendations as I describe above on their "review system".

I encourage other business and SEO experts to investigate, run tests and write articles about this important topic that affects all people.

"The future may look awesome, however the inevitable advances of technology on the Internet will also cause some significant bumps in the road for people worldwide to maneuver around."

Tom Forrest

* P.S. 
I was thinking that someone should make a joke cartoon, where a Google Enforcer Robot drives over to your office in a Google Driver-less Car, and executes a Google punishment and penalty on you (kicks your ass) because they did not like some comments you made on your Google account.
If anyone draws this cartoon, please email it to me and I will promote it on this website.
Where is Charlie Hebdo when you need them?

Part 2 of this article was previously censored by Google. It was unsearchable in this blog.