Monday, October 19, 2015

I Am Testing OutBrain for Blog Advertising

I found this company named that I am testing out.

So far I am not very impressed. Their website and marketing is fantastic, the real system has problems.

1. At first OutBrain approved my content, then later they deleted some of my content I submitted to them without any contact. As readers of my blogs know I am against these "Big Brother" methods. In an attempt at fairness to OutBrain, the content they kept was the best content and it may in fact be a "good decision" in order to help me. However I still have an issue of how it was done to me, e.g. to me the OutBrain process is too "Big Brother", this is also true for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. 

2. Their prices are very high, $0.52 to $1.80 per click.

3. Even with the high prices I am not receiving any traffic.

4. They sent me an email about OutBrain Boot-Camp, I do not want their boot-camp, I want real human service.

5. Google has nothing to worry about from these guys.