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Warning Google Continues to Penalize Innocent Web Sites

Update: 10-9-15
I could not figure out why this very old article has become so popular again. So I read it for the very first time in over three years. What a fantastic author, and modest too.

Now I am very happy that I documented all of this previous abuse by Google and it clearly shows a pattern, and yes Google when I read below I realize I have been a victim of Google's evil behavior for far too long and you will literally have to kill me to make me stop fighting for "freedom of speech" and so that Google stops censoring my content, violating my privacy, and stops punishing me because "Big Brother Google" does not want to hear the truth.
There are also outstanding articles below from a few great authors on this topic, and it is all still very interesting to read, especially the article by Rand Fishkin below.

He is a highly intelligent person that I admire not just for his SEO skills, also because of his overall super high level of intellect. This is precisely why I asked Rand to be in the video my company ( produced about the future of the Internet.
Dr. Kleinrock is one of the four fathers of the Internet and is the "star" of this video, along with Rand Fishkin and Dr. Hanssens from the Anderson school of Management at UCLA.

Currently is barely usable and I cannot add a link to the right of this web page ("Useful and Interesting Websites"), seriously.
So I have to add a link here.

If you want to read an article that was written about me and put into a newspaper article and and an online article just click here.

This article updated again 2-4-12
Google fixed the unfair penalty on
So it took Google 2.5 years to fix this Google Mistake.

Unfortunately after 2.5 years Google has never stopped this site from selling graphic "Sponsored" links that pass PageRank. So if you buy PageRank from this site, it works just fine and apparently Google does not care.
What else can we think if Google has ignored this for 2.5 years now.

I originally wrote this article on 9-24-09.
This article has been updated on 10-2-10.
Of the five Google mistakes that I detail below, Google has only fixed one or 20% of them in over twelve months. Also evil Spammers have been reported to Google several times and Google has not done anything to stop them.I really wish I did not have to write this article. I have been a Google shareholder (stockholder) since Google first went public and I have been a paying Google customer since Google first started. My hope is that someone at Google will help fix the terrible problem of penalizing innocent sites by Google very quickly and that I can edit this article to be more positive about Google.

First I want to state that for the last eleven years I have had some problems where Google penalized my sites unfairly and after contacting Google employees and working with them for several weeks those problems were fixed, at least until recently. Now since Google has stepped up its efforts to penalize sites selling paid links Google has created a horrible problem of penalizing many innocent web sites. Please read the following detailed examples below, these are just a few of many examples I can show you.

Back in 2003 we put up some merit based outbound links on a few internal pages and there was no problem from Google until 2009. Then both of these web sites were incorrectly and unfairly penalized by Google. At first I had no idea what caused this penalty which in itself is a major problem, Google should at least let you know why they are penalizing your web site. Then after contacting Google employees I was questioned in detail about the links on these two pages from 2003, in fact if I wanted Google to take these incorrect and unfair penalties off of my sites I would need to delete these non paid links that have been on these pages since 2003. Of course this made me very unhappy and frankly angry at Google. However I did it because I do not want Google to penalize my web sites. I wish Google would stop saying "you can do whatever you want on your web site and we can do whatever we want with our search engine". This statement just upsets most webmasters as it is like a Big Bully talking to you, who wants Google to penalize their web site especially when you have done nothing wrong in the first place.

I am afraid to write this article because I think Google may unfairly penalize me even more for writing this article. Unfortunately many webmasters that I talk with feel exactly the same as I do; we do not trust Google is going to treat us fairly, as my mother always says "actions speak louder than words". So Google can tell us as much as they want that they are not profiling SEO people, however the facts indicate that Google is profiling SEO experts. This is why so many articles are being written about SEO profiling.

Please read these excellent articles about Google unfairly profiling SEO companies: Excerpts: "Google It’s wrong, you’re a bully and if anyone’s intent needs to be questioned, it’s yours." Google is the face of EVIL.

I can see from many years of data that Google does seem to be profiling SEO experts, which is a terrible idea anyway.

I receive emails everyday from super evil people doing all sorts of evil stuff that are against Google guidelines and none of these people are SEO experts. The fact is the most evil people on the Internet are not SEO experts and most of us do a great deal to help Google. I have told many thousands of people not to sell or buy links and not to do all the things Google Guidelines are against, like malware, duplicate content, hidden text links etc. I have also written articles about this that many hundreds of thousands of people read. If anything I feel Google should give me some reward for helping them, not penalizing me incorrectly and unfairly.

Anyway after a few weeks and a lot of effort by me Google did finally take off these unfair penalties partially, meaning they put the PageRank back to where it was however they blocked my sites from passing any link juice to anyone else.

Let's look at how this happened:

Google has created a database of what they think are known link buyers, which is a bad approach that will not work because most people that buy links do not purchase 100% of their backlinks, they also have natural backlinks. So if a site had 70% natural links and 30% paid links just think about how many innocent web sites Google would end up penalizing. So apparently these people that had merit based (non paid) links on our web site decided it was too much work to do link building the Google approved way and then decided to start buying links years after the merit based links were put up on our sites, which is a common practice in our industry. Then Google put them in this "known link buyer database" and the Google software penalized my web sites. So how many people is this happening to? I really do not know the answer to that except to say many people must be penalized unfairly by Google these days, and to add insult to injury, if you are lucky enough to talk to Google about this they treat you like you are guilty until proven innocent. Is this America and is "Big Brother Google" watching everything you do and treating you unfairly becoming a reality?

Why does Google not make a public list of "Bad Sites" they do not want you to link to, then webmasters can check and see if a site is on this list and not link to them. Also these sites that Google does not like and caused the penalty to my sites had PageRank (PR) of PR5, so no one can know that Google does not like them and why do these "Bad Sites" have higher PageRank than I do in the first place?

Google has responded to me regarding making a list of bad sites not to link to and told me:
"We've talked about this, but the issue with publishing lists is that a lot of spammers would receive official notification that they've been caught. Then they'd start over again on a different site, but they'd be even sneakier."

I responded to Google with the following:
"Thank you for responding to me.
What you describe above will happen over time anyway. I understand you would still like to slow the spammers down. The problem is you are harming innocent sites by what you are doing, this in my and many other peoples opinion is just unacceptable. Google should not be penalizing innocent sites just to make it more difficult for the spammers."

I also wonder if the Google legal department does not want them making a public list of "Bad Sites" not to link to. I wish I knew if this was part of the reason also. I have told Google on several occasions all they have to do is tell me they do not like something and I will take it down. This would save all parties a lot of time and effort and as a Google stockholder this would also make me happy not to see so much time wasted on this. There are bigger fish for Google to fry :)

These are reasons why so many people are afraid of Google and do not trust Google. Unfortunately again this story becomes even worse. Now Google has incorrectly and unfairly penalized even more of my web sites and has still not fixed these Google mistakes.

Here is another example: Was falsely accused of selling links by Google. It is penalized to PR0 the worst rating Google has. Also when people see that Google has penalized your site you start to lose your backlinks quickly, so this is urgent. This site has never sold any links and does not sell links today, so why would Google penalize it? Google told me it was because of some links they incorrectly thought were paid links on my site and I explained to them they were not paid links, and then Google sent me an email showing me an auction from 2005; yes 2005 before I even owned this site. The auction was for the sale of the site and Google mistakenly thought it was for the sale of paid links. Yes, I became very angry and said how could the smart software engineers at Google be so wrong and make such a horrible mistake and harm me and my web site this way?

Google will never admit any mistakes apparently and now they are just ignoring me completely. This site is still penalized and Google has not fixed this mistake yet.
Google did take the unfair penalty off of this site on 2-18-10.

Another web site that Google has penalized unfairly is:

The thing that really upsets me is that I have done a lot to help Google over the last seven years and they still treat me this way. Furthermore there are many thousands of blatant link sellers just being ignored by Google because they are too busy profiling people like me and missing all the really bad stuff they should be catching. It is like they are busy giving out traffic tickets when there are mass murders running around in the streets and Google just ignores many of these blatant link sellers. How about if Google focuses on all the many thousands of sites that have "Sponsored Links" and "Our Sponsors" on their web sites?

Why do I think this is my concern, simple I own Google stock and I do not want to see Google doing such a poor job and wasting their valuable time focusing on innocent webmasters like me and researching old auctions from 2005. At least if they are going to waste their time studying old data from 2005 they should at least learn to read and understand what it says properly and not think a site for sale is an advertisement for someone selling links. How can we trust anything they do if they make major mistakes like this, and do not even have the basic courtesy to correct these mistakes?

I even have given Google a few examples and they just ignore the blatant link sellers I give them. I am now reluctant to help Google since they have treated me so unfairly. Google has just made a loyal Google supporter wonder why should I even want to own Google stock, I am sad to say this.

I also now have concerns about if Google is violating it's own Privacy Polices and I hope Google does an internal investigation to find out if any of its employees are violating Google Privacy Policies in order to unfairly profile SEO people. Please understand I am not saying Google is guilty of this, however there is enough concern in the SEO community to warrant an internal Google investigation. Please go to this Google page and ask them to investigate this. Click Here.
Please think about who will be the next category of people Google may start to unfairly profile? What if it is you?

Another Example:

Please look at PR7 a very high rating from Google. is a PR9
and please look at:

Why is the above site not penalized for "Sponsor" paid links?
Google has known about this site for many months now and done nothing, I suppose because they are too busy watching everything I do. Or is it because Google is unfairly profiling SEO people and the Google guidelines only apply to some people and not to others?
I even asked Google if it is okay for me to buy a link on this site. I bet if I purchased a link from them Google would penalize the site.
If you look at the "Sponsored" links on webaward you find stuff like this:
Please look at the bottom of the page.

More examples:
These two sites full of stolen duplicate content go unpenalized by Google for months after they have been reported to Google multiple times.
Or this nice topic site that has stolen duplicate content .
Gee Google really has a ton of work to do..., of course Google does not need any help from "common criminals" like they say all SEO's are.

Please forward this article to as many people as possible and link to this article so we can work together to have Google start doing a much better job at this and to most importantly stop penalizing innocent people.
Please email any comments to

9-29-09 Update - So far 93% of all the comments and feedback on this article have been positive. Then on 9-30-09 Matt Cutts let me publish a link to this article in the comments of his blog, I appreciate that. Thank you.
10-3-09 Update - I was just on the phone with my mother and she said she loves the new Acer monitor I suggested she purchase. She said I should recommend it to people on one of my web sites like we have done with her for other products and services she likes. I said Google penalized me for putting one of her recommendations on my web site. My mother is now even angry at Google and said she is going to sell her Google stock.
I thought this is both very funny and very sad at the same time.

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