Friday, October 16, 2015

What to do About All the Blogger Defects?

Update: 10-15-15
I am starting to like Blogger again.
It looks to me like Blogger did listen to me and fixed the problems I mention below.

This is huge, as now if you are capable of editing in HTML, you can fix all the text formatting defects in the Blogger "Compose" mode in "HTML" mode and when you open that post again in "compose" or "html" mode the fixes you made have been saved (inherited). Please see screen shot below.

To me Blogger is the best division of Google as far as listening to their customers and fixing defects quickly.

Original Post Below:
I will write more on this sometime. I should cut and paste the emails I sent to

Currently Blogger has many serious defect (bugs).
I keep telling Google they need to do better testing before they make new releases and Google is not listening.

For me some of the basic text editing defects are the most frustrating. So since I am a highly technical person I can easily go in and fix all the text formatting problems in the HTML code.
Unfortunately these are not inherited or saved, so every single time I have to go into the the HTML code and make the same edits over and over. It is extremely frustrating.

Anyway try the link below.