Friday, October 16, 2015

Google May Have Caught and Penalized Another SEO Black Hat Network

I do not read or follow the SEO Black Hat forums often or other Black Hat information sources, because I am a White Hat SEO. However I do find it interesting to read and see all the evil clever stuff these Black Hat SEO's come up with when I check their forums every 2-3 months. Also so I can understand their Black Hat methods in case they attack my clients, so I can protect my clients. Unfortunately I have super star experts that work for me doing this, and our work load keeps growing.

I have a message to "Black Hat" SEO's besides kiss my ass. Why do you do this evil stuff? You just bring in crappy low quality traffic. It is better to have one super high quality website viewer (e.g. Larry Page) vs. 2,000,000 low quality viewers that bring you zero business.
My message and advice to business owners is always go for better quality and be safe so Google does not penalize you. If you hire a Black Hat SEO company you are still responsible. Google will not accept, "I did not know what they were doing."