Thursday, October 15, 2015


Update 10-13-15
I wanted to show this old post from March so people can see "positive" comments I make about Google. I want to demonstrate and prove I am objective, kinda like a journalist.

The newest search results from Google are fantastic. If you want to see them in the USA make sure you are logged out of Google and set your location to USA.
I think this is just the beginning of the changes and it will take about 35 -70 days for search results to propagate to all Google servers and stabilize.

I am not sure what is happening outside of the US, however Google has made some improvements in the algorithms it uses in the US to produce search quality results vastly superior to Bing's search results.

I do not pay any attention whatsoever to any of these code names (Panda, Hummingbird, etc.) people or Google come up with for updates to the Google ranking algorithms. Because if webmasters focus on building super high quality merit based backlinks Google will reward you more and more over time.

Please remember Google is an a quest like a Terminator to kill off Spam and to reward quality content. Some people that call themselves SEO experts, just keep coming up with new blackhat scams one after another. Then Google keeps finding these blackhat tricks and filters them out. The only games that may last as long as these search engine cat and mouse games, are the games Greece and Germany are playing in the Eurozone.

I consider this update by Google a "major one" based on the significant search result improvements, and by how long Google is taking to completely release it to all Google servers. I believe many search engine power users like me, will agree when they test out the latest Google search results.