Monday, December 28, 2015

Yahoo is Trying to Become the #1 Search Engine Again and Using its Own Technology

I think this is a big and interesting story about Yahoo.
I would try the same strategy if I was the CEO of Yahoo. Many years ago when Yahoo was #1 and Google was just starting I was promoting Google and thankfully I bought Google stock when it first went public.

Now it is funny that fourteen+ years later I am writing an article asking everyone to give the new Yahoo search engine a chance. I see that Yahoo is sending a lot of traffic to smaller blogs and businesses. As this blog which is read by Google employees is receiving more traffic from the new Yahoo search engine than Google sends me.

Something seems a bit odd to me about Yahoo's new search results, many searches seem close to being exactly the same as Google's results. Some searches do seem dramatically different. I am still testing, yet I do not understand why so many searches show almost the exact same results on both Google and Yahoo?

One thing that I do not like about the new Yahoo search engine is that the results show four Ads at the top. Yahoo I think if you just put two adds at the top above your search results you will receive much more traffic and generate more revenue than the current four Ads at the top format. Test my idea out for 3-6 months and see, I bet I am correct.

As I continue testing and comparing search results between Yahoo and Google, the results are close. However some unknown percentage is very different.
Overall I would say the Yahoo search results are surprisingly fantastic.

The change occurred on 12-22-15 at 9:30 p.m. PST Tuesday when Yahoo relaunched the search properties for its U.S.-based sites, including its flagship home page. Yahoo replaced Google's results with its own Yahoo Search Technology, which combines an array of recently acquired search technologies, such as Inktomi and commercial search provider Overture Services. Yahoo also owns AltaVista and the Web search technology of Fast Search and Transfer.