Monday, December 28, 2015

How SEO Can Be Used to Protect Your Brand Name and For Search Page Domination

How can you use SEO methods to strengthen, protect and dominate the search engine results pages.
These sorts of SEO questions and concerns come up often and I do not see many good articles about this topic. It is also related to reputation management and the methods I describe in this article are also useful for reputation management.
How often does anyone look at the second page of search results?
Rarely, so if you can dominate the first page of the search results you should be happy.

I will explain some smart SEO ideas and then show you a link that will provide even more information to help you.

1. You must understand that you cannot dominate the search results with just one web site. You need many websites, You-Tube, Social Media, etc.
So for example let's say I am a wealthy business man in the Flower Delivery business. I could start to buy all my competitors that rank above me, and/or I could write reviews on Yelp,, YP, Facebook, etc.
Then use these external 3rd party websites to dominate all the first page search results for your brand name, company name, etc.
So the end result is that 7 or more of the top 10 search results are controlled by your brand name or your company name, or even important keyword phrases.
There is a lot of work involved and it could be expensive, yet the big corporations that do it well are extremely profitable. Some are so good you do not even know that of the top 5 search results, 4 might really be the same company, just using different domain names. In some cases I see it seems like it is wrong, in other cases it seems okay to me. E.g. where #1 and #2 merge, why should they only have one website. So they keep both and stay #1 and #2 in the search results.