Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why Google and Ford Working Together Makes Me Laugh

In the news there are rumors of Google working with Ford on a Self Driving Car.
Why does this make me laugh?

If you use Blogger you will know exactly why I laugh. Google cannot build reliable defect (bug) free software. It is one thing to have Blogger as a barely usable product, it is an entirely different situation to expect me to drive in any software Google builds for a car until after I see it working properly for two years out on the real roads of America. Perhaps the software engineers Google has working on driver-less cars are better than the developers working on Blogger. If so Google should use the software developers that know how to fix many serious defects to fix all the bugs in Blogger.
Even if you are Google you still need to build high quality defect free products or consumers will not trust you. I think if the Ford engineers used Blogger for three months heavily they would not make any business agreement with Google.

I have worked with Ford for many years and they are a fantastic company that builds great products with a low number of defects.
As just one example of many I can use about Google and Blogger. I have seen college students I taught for software development projects use more effort to test their software products before they release them than Google does. Also Google fixes one defect and than creates two new ones. Frankly I do not think anyone at Blogger knows how to fix all their software defects and they need to bring in an outsider that knows what the words "quality" and "defect free" mean.
E.g. notice on this blog how I have the Blogger search box in the top right, then at the bottom right I have a custom Google search box. This is because half of the time the Blogger developers keep breaking the search box so it does not work properly. I could go on and on about this topic and all the Google defects.
Even my #1 superstar programmer asked me why I am wasting my time with Blogger?
I have to be knowledgeable in all Google products and services in order to advise my clients.