Monday, December 07, 2015

Google's Use of Artificial Intelligence and the Announcement of RankBrain

This was first posted on GotoTom2 on 10-26-15
It is a very big deal (breakthrough) in regards to improving search quality for Google. I do not believe Bing has any algorithms like this.

Google has released the details to the general public about it's new artificial intelligence system called RankBrain, which the search giant is using to handle difficult queries that search engines have previously been unable to solve.

The new RankBrain system is being used on a "very large fraction" of the search queries handled by Google, according to an unnamed Google employee. RankBrain helps Google decipher the approximately 16% of phrases that the search engine has not encountered before. According to Jack Clark who spoke with Google research scientist Greg Corrado. He said it is the third most important ranking signal.
Back in March of this year, I wrote an article about how I noticed a significant improvement in the quality of Google's search results. Now I wonder if I was really seeing the roll out of "RankBrain" as part of the search quality enhancements I noticed?
Please understand that Google is making many algorithm changes all the time, and that Google is very secretive. 

After you click "Read more >>" and watch this video I suggest you read this outstanding article by Gianluca Fiorelli "myth of Google's 200 ranking factors".