Monday, July 13, 2020

Jack Dorsey continues to Violate my Civil Rights as an American Citizen

STOP illegally censoring me.

Google and Twitter are illegally censoring all my political content, apparently Twitter and Google think it is okay to censor content that is positive for Senator Cruz and positive for President Trump.

Google and Twitter are collapsing under pressure from the great Senator Cruz.

Please see more evidence of Jack Dorsey violating my civil rights. Google and Twitter have committed multiple felonies against me and my family, and I want justice.

Jack, I will never click on any of the bullshit illegal censorship messages you send me.
Jack, you need to stop violating my civil rights immediately.
Now I will phone Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, DOJ, FCC, and others to stop you.

Jack Dorsey has illegally suspended 16 of my Twitter accounts in less than 30 days.

These screen shots show relentless harassment of me by Jack Dorsey. These are more violations of my civil rights, illegal censorship, and illegal election manipulation committed by Jack Dorsey.

Bing and Edge do Not Spy on you like Google and Chrome does.