Thursday, June 04, 2020

Google caught red-handed again illegally breaking into my Blogger account

Google is illegally censoring this article.

Government Investigators please stop Google from violating my privacy and make Google stop illegally breaking into my Blogger account. Google has also been spying on me via Chrome also, so I had to turn off my webcam access via Chrome.

Please notice in the screenshot below, Google is caught manually changing my blog traffic results. 
The number 280 does not add up correctly, please add the twitter, Google, and Facebook numbers.

Google Employees now is a good time to become a whistleblower. 
Please be an American Hero like
From: Tom Forrest  
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020 3:29 AM

Cc: Tom Forrest ; AG Webteam [AG] ;

a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

"a conspiracy to destroy the government"

Google did a good job on this definition.

From: Tom Forrest <
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020 3:26 AM

Guess what Larry, and please share this with your CEO friend at twitter. Tom Forrest has been tracking Google with his own page counting methods that Google and twitter have no idea about.

Guess who I am giving all that data to?

Have a nice day.

Kind regards,
Tom Forrest

Screenshot of twitter blocking my tweets.
I had 400 likes for each of my tweets and now twitter has reduced my likes to 129, they are all heading towards 1 like.

Why is this happening? 
I believe because there is an illegal conspiracy between Twitter and Google to illegally influence elections all over the world. I have sent evidence about this to the US Attorney General's office, and to all 50 State US Attorneys. Some of which have written back to me telling me how they read my blog and how my evidence is very useful to them.

Wow, it sure looks like Google and twitter are both illegally censoring me now.

Where is Anderson Cooper, the FAKE news reporter when you need him?

So just to make this clear to my readers. It appears that Larry Page and someone at Twitter (CEO ?) are working together to hide the true number of visitors and likes I am receiving. Twitter I have many screen shots of you removing my likes from my tweets
Please click on the video 100 times and notice the counter never changes. Try this everyday for months like I have and you will see the proof.

Google and Twitter are in blatant disrespect of the US Congress, US Attorney General, and the President of the USA.