Friday, June 12, 2020

Useful Information for Government Investigators and Prosecutors of Google Worldwide
Whitehouse Videos

Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 6:19 PM

Cc:;; Tom Forrest
Subject: Tell Anderson Cooper I am calling him out for not reporting on the biggest business and government story in 20 years. I thought Anderson Cooper was a Journalist.

Hello Anderson,

I am calling you out, if you do not report on this huge story than President Trump is correct, you are FAKE news. Why is Google not taking any legal actions against me? I dare Google to sue me. Google, perhaps suing one of your VICTIMS might not be such a good idea.
I want to give just one simple example of things you should investigate. E.g. I sent over 9,000 people to watch the video below yesterday. 
Why would Google say there has only been 2,031 views  since Jun 24, 2019 ?
Google continues to illegally break into my blogger account and spy on me, just a few minutes ago I caught Google red-handed again, and now they have turned off my Blogger page counter.

Best regards,

Tom Forrest

Google is a Publisher that is illegally censoring millions of people all over the world. 
Google is illegally censoring this video worldwide. Google tried to hide "GotoTom2", then the USA Government partially saved me from Google. I have some freedom of speech now, and my oppressor Google can not stop me on my home page. However Google still has me on their evil Blacklists, so none of my excellent content can be found in a search on Google. Furthermore, Google is still doing more dirty deeds to me, please read below for the details. Google illegally deleted all of my international blogs, and I have caught Google illegally spying on me five times. Nazi's keep Blacklists on people.

Google = President Trump Haters

The Google employee in the video link above is just spouting exactly what she hears from senior Google management.
I read her web page, and no one should threaten her, she is just an innocent pawn in the devious, diabolical, and evil strategy of Google's executive management team.

By Tom Forrest

Since I recently learned of the many Government Investigations of Google, and now there are multiple former senior Google Engineers that have exposed the truth about what is really happening inside the huge operations of the "Publisher" named Google. 
I have figured out many things I have long suspected are in fact true. They are way more outrageous than I could have imagined. When you look at the 950 pages of secret Google documents on it is difficult to find words to express the shock and horror of what Google has done.

So, I am still thinking about useful information that might help government prosecutors regulate and fine Google.
This issue of did top Google management know about the unfair censorship and manual manipulation is one a can provide exact and specific information about. I am a victim of Google's illegal censorship and I have firsthand knowledge of exactly how Google performs these evil manual manipulations that the Google CEO claimed under oath to Congress never happen. Google is denying and eliminating the freedom of speech for many thousands of authors on the secret Google Blacklists.

All you have to do to see the proof is read all the articles on the homepage of this blog, and see the multiple Google manual manipulations that happened to me over the last week. 
I even have the screenshots to show you below. I posterized Google.

Starting in 2016 Google began censoring some of my articles and I was shocked and terribly upset about this fact, as many Americans including my ancestors died fighting for my freedom of speech rights.
So I started sending emails to Larry Page one of the founders of Google. I am sure that Larry Page is involved in this project to eliminate my freedom of speech, as I investigate G
oogle in more detail, Mr. Page appears to have more knowledge of this illegal Google censorship and blacklist creation plan than I first thought. So Government Investigators, I feel based on my investigation that you should interview Larry Page as soon as possible. 
Larry Page has ignored my demands to remove Google's illegal censorship from my excellent content. This is a blatant disrespect of the US Attorney General, and President Trump's Executive Order.
I see the bigger problems with blacklists and illegal censorship occurring as soon as the new CEO was in place. Also I want the US government to make a special investigation to learn if Sundar Pichai lied to Congress.
I also tried to contact the other founder Sergey Brin and I still have all my old emails that I sent.
Quickly my emails to Sergey Brin were blocked and since Google has the arrogant policy of never responding to anyone, I was happy my emails to Larry Page complaining about illegal censorship went though. Did they really go to Larry Page or to his assistant, I do not know? What I do know is that I received almost instant actions and relief from the illegal Google censorship.
So, I sent the emails to and, both of which still work today for me.
Unfortunately, they no longer receive any positive actions from Google. Mr. Page continues to violate my civil rights, privacy, and is inflicting pain and suffering upon me as I type this.
A few years ago, when these emails were extremely effective, I would send an email on a Saturday or Sunday and literally within two hours many if not all the illegal censorship problems were taken off me. 
Who would have the power to do this so quickly and on a weekend?
Obviously, I was extremely happy about this, and I thought Larry Page was the greatest man in the world.  
However, after a few months the illegal censorship problems started coming back. Then I would email Larry Page again and within a few hours to 48 hours some of my censorship issues would be fixed. When the new CEO took over the horrible illegal censorship problems came back and were worse than ever.

I think the important part of this is for investigators/prosecutors to find out who these emails I sent went to and follow the trail and timeline of who made the manual search engine manipulations within a few hours. 

This also means that top management of Google was a where of the illegal censorship and knew about the "Blacklists", then Google executive management took actions to manually fix some of the illegal censorship. Now that the evil secrets of how Google has had this master plan to influence elections worldwide, and blacklist authors was revealed I hope Google is forced to stop censoring innocent authors like me. Most of the people on Google's Blacklists are President Trump supporters and this is one method Google has been using to have a big influence on the 2020 elections.
In 2-3 months I will publish a shocking report with indisputable evidence proving what we already know, Google = President Trump Haters.

I want to be transparent and have all my readers understand that I would be just as angry at Google if they were illegally censoring and attacking Joe Biden and his supporters. This is America and I will not allow bully Google to act like Nazi's.
The Nazi's did create blacklists, and we as Americans must stop Google from these evil behaviors.

The Government agencies that are investigating Google should force Google to pay their victims of illegal censorship a large dollar amount for all the pain and suffering they have caused each victim, lost income, and punitive damages.
So each person or company on the Google Blacklists should receive payment from Google mandated by the Government. I would think some of the names on the Blacklists should receive $250,000,000+. If Google caused a huge revenue lost for a big Publisher, I may be underestimating the damages Google caused them by putting them on a Blacklist, and thereby reducing the victims Internet traffic. Also the Government should consider that the payment from Google to their victims is for at least four years of damages.
The Government should create a "Google Blacklist Victims Fundand force Google to pay $800,000,000,000 into this fund.
For myself, I think $7,000,000 would be a fair settlement for all the mental abuse, loss of income, eliminating my freedom of speech, pain and suffering, and harm to my reputation, etc.
When Google censors a SEO Expert like me, they do it as a form of extreme punishment as Google knows this will severely damage that expert consultants reputation.  

Google is still illegally censoring 99% of my articles. That means I am going to force Google to index every single one of my articles. I will continue to report on evil Google until I am satisfied. The days of Google intimidating authors is over. Hey Google, I am watching you. LOL

Government Investigators around the world, please ask Google why they are illegally censoring this article. I demand that Google index this article today, or Google is in violation of President Trump's Executive order
I am going to start phoning Attorney General Barr's office asking for his help to enforce President Trump's Executive Order that Google is in violation of. Google, I want every article I have written indexed in your search engine today.

Anyone that reads this, please consult with a SEO expert, and find out if Google is censoring your content. If they are, then Google is in violation of President Trump's Executive Order.

Google how many names are on your "blacklists"?
Is it 50,000 or 9,000,000+ ?
I think one of the most aggravating aspects of Google's now illegal censorship, is that you have people that I would not even hire to be an "intern content editor" for my company having the power to review and edit me.
Why would I want a Google dumb-ass to grade my work or censor me?
Hey Google, you can use your "vague quality guidelines" for toilet paper now.

Government Investigators, Google is illegally censoring a huge amount of content, e.g. if you search about any content related to breaking Google up only about 1% of this type of content is visible in the Google search engine, Google wants you to think this is a non-issue, when in fact it is a huge issue and that is why Google is still censoring all my content.

I will keep looking through my old records and see what other useful information I find. So please check this blog often for new information I discover.

The screenshot below is from the first time Google blocked my ability to write local reviews. This is part of the process when Google is trying to punish an author, or mentally beat them into submission. Many authors are afraid to write negative articles about Google because of retaliation like Google has done to Tom Forrest for 4+ years.

Google has again turned off my ability to write local reviews.

FTC and DOJ please ask Google for these records.

Also how many people has Google done this to?

Is it 500 or 8,000,000 ?

Another important topic for Governments creating new regulations for Google is Reviews.
How do you protect Google from turning off your ability to write reviews that are seen by people. Like Google has done twice to me.

Hello Google,

Please stop censoring me now. Turn on my ability to write local reviews.

The evil corruption at Google is so deep that even after they are told to stop censoring Tom Forrest they cannot control themselves. It is outrageous what Google is doing and I demand that Google puts up my real review, not what my "Publisher" Google thinks I should say.

Please see screenshot proof below.
This is not my review this is Google's edited version of my review. I suggest the management of Google should hire a consulting company to train Google employees about Freedom of Speech
All Google employees should watch:

I think they could make a TV show and call it Dumb Things That Google Does.

Hey Google, please take the unfair censorship off my Freedom of Speech article and index it in your search engine.

Google just can't control themselves, this is not my review it is my Publisher Google's review.

Now my Publisher Google has decided after reading my blog a few minutes ago to put up my original unedited review. Thank you Google for the quick response, please take me off your blacklists and put me on your whitelists so the we stop all future unfair censorship of Tom Forrest .

Please note the tiny mark at the bottom left corner of the review above, I am trying to figure out what trick Google was up to? You normally would never see a mark like that on a Google review. I think it means Google made a print out of my original review then put up Google's edited review, then when I complained Google took the printout and scanned it, which may have caused the tiny mark in the bottom left corner. I have no idea what sort of tricks Google was thinking about. 
The important big picture issue is that Google is a "Publisher" and is NOT a "Platform". 

I also want Google to index and put in the Google cache every single page of my Blog, including all pages that have just a small amount of text and a video. 

Then that will be an olive branch from my Publisher Google to their Victim (Tom Forrest) for over four years of pain and suffering and $7,000,000 in damages that Google has caused me. 

Google, why did you manually change the search results for my name "Tom Forrest", so that I recently moved from the first page to the 4th page of your search results?

SEO experts know why you did this. 

The Government investigators should depose every single person that works in the Google Trust and Safety Department of Google. I doubt every single person would lie for Google and then the Government will get many more people that work at Google to confess to the evil Google Blacklists and the fact that Google makes many manual manipulations of many Google search results.

More coming soon ...