Sunday, July 31, 2016

Alphabet's Financial Information, Moonshot Projects, X Labs Astro Teller

I am out of the 110 degree heat of the Nevada desert and I am cooling off for a few days in Half Moon Bay, CA. It was 54 degrees at 7:17 am.
I like Sam's Coffee Shop, and reading the Daily Post. I have a very nice android smart phone, yet sometimes I prefer to read an old fashioned newspaper. The Daily Post has an outstanding article about Alphabet and their X Labs.
Please watch this video below by Astro Teller who manages all the the X Labs projects. What a fun and exciting job he has.
Google lost $3,600,000,000 on X Labs last year and it is okay because Google is the most financially successful company in the entire history of business. Charlie Rose did an interview of Eric Schmidt who explains this, and why Google (now Alphabet) invests such a large amount of money into X Labs. Astro Teller talks about many X Lab projects including Project Loon in his presentation below.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

This Gentleman Named Corey Northcutt is an Outstanding SEO Expert and I Agree 97% of the Time With What He Says

I think only about 10% of companies that claim to be SEO experts really are experts.
Unfortunately, 90% do not know what they are talking about, and even worse will give you advise that may cause Google to penalize your website for violating Google guidelines.

The following is an excellent article from Corey Northcutt. I put a no-follow tag on this article, because I am concerned Google may unfairly and incorrectly penalize me. I do not even know Corey, and he is not paying me, I just read his article and think it is outstanding SEO advice.

Mark Zuckerberg's Ideas About the Future of Virtual Reality

Friday, July 29, 2016

I Wish I Could Bet Google $1,000,000, I would Even Give Google 50 to 1 Odds

I am currently in Nevada on a business trip visiting some of our loyal clients. Since Nevada has legalized gambling I started to think that I wish I could make a bet with Google.
Of course this will not happen, however since Google reads my blog, I want them to understand that what I say is always 100% correct and if Google did bet me they would lose and be embarrassed.

For example I always have exact detailed proof and I have totally undeniable evidence. I have many examples of this I can site and Google should learn that if I say something it is totally correct.
Now to make my point I will give some examples, I have many more that I will not publish in this article. So Google should learn that it is waste of valuable time trying to "get me and teach me a lesson", because as the old saying goes "they have much bigger fish to fry".
Furthermore please read my articles about SEO and Link Building, Google should like what I say as I promote following all Google guidelines.

Also Google should understand how powerful a screen shot from Google results can be as evidence.

In a different and long article I wrote about Google and other fake reviews and fake accounts I show a screen shot of how Google in the past would not even let me write a review about a breakfast restaurant that I have been going to for 15-years. I made a joke about is, and below I will show the screen shot again.

On my Tombstone it can say:
"Tom was not qualified to review Eggs-N-Things".

Now I could go on and on with my proof and the long history of the Google SPAM department wasting their valuable time with me when they have much more important things they should be doing, however I just want Google to fix their defects and mistakes and stop penalizing small business people unfairly. 

Is that such an unreasonable position for me to take?

When I Google "7meg" I want my site that never violated any Google guidelines to show up in the Google search results, and Google will be reading about their mistakes until they fix them or until I die.
Frankly if Google never fixes their defects and mistakes it just builds my traffic and is good for me. If Google did fix their mistakes than my Internet traffic will drop or at least not grow as fast as when Google acts like an evil bully against the small entrepreneur (me). 

Google's Cultural Institute is a Fantastic and Magical Project, I Love It

I do not know much about art and I have no natural artistic skills, however I love going to every art museum I can around the world.
So how can people that cannot afford to travel to different art museums see all this fantastic art?

The answer is the Google Cultural Institute.
Please visit this site and also watch this interesting TED video below.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Should You Root Your Smart Phone , Generally the Answer is No

I wanted to Root my Samsung android smart phone, however the AT&T network does not allow this.
Most people do not even know what Rooting means, so below is a good explanation.

Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jail-breaking). It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn't normally allow you to.

The risks of rooting your Android phone – BullGuard
This will not work if you are on the AT&T unlimited plan.

I figured out a way to work around this AT&T limitation without needing to root my phone and without voiding my warranty. 

So now I can do tethering with the AT&T network and my Samsung smart phone. I will not explain how to do it as AT&T may read my blog.
I am on the AT&T unlimited data plan with DirecTV. 
AT&T set it up so you cannot do tethering like you say below. They only want you to use unlimited data to watch DirecTV, not for unlimited data via tethering.

The tethering apps in Google Play require rooting for their apps to work and many thousands of people do it, however only a small percentage know how to root, especially if it is a new phone model.
Just like only a very small percent of people in the world are SEO experts.

The phone costs $150 so if the warranty is void it is okay with me. If the phone cost $900 then I might have a different answer.

So I still want to root in order to use tethering, which in my case with my phone and ATT limits is the only way I can do it. In my case we are working around an artificial limitation that ATT put on me.


From Ariel:
Rooting a phone would totally void the warranty. Rooting will also mean you will loose getting updates from the official android repo. I’ve rooted my devices before but unfortunately there is no good benefit I recieved from it aside from being able to use it to edit android system files, manager files using file explorer but this I could also do without rooting. Rooting will just mean you get the super user activated on the phone and often this is just used for maintenance purpose or development. If your concern is to tether your internet connection you could do that easily under settings->More-> Tethering&portable hotspot. For faster connection and less heating of phone, select USB tethering.
No need to install 3rd party software it would just waste resources on your phone.
Another thing, since you cannot update the OS anymore, if you want to update it to the latest android, you will have to wait on the hacker communities to release a hacked firmware. That’s going to be a problem. Which is the same thing I had problems with before. Here’s a good article for “Reasons not to root your phone” I really do discourage rooting especially for an executive like you. You won't need the tinkering values of rooting. It will just be a waste of time and loose value of your phone. and Future GotoTom SEO Tool Development Plans and 3rd Party Product Recommendations

Press Release for

Screen Shot of our New
Note: Please click on the screen shot and it will look bigger and better.

We have been using our propriety SEO tools for many years and we are now offering our expert advice, tutorials and SEO tools to the world. If you want to achieve top search engine ranking results please sign up today.

SEO can be divided into two main categories of work to be completed. I will explain and give a few examples here. Google reads my blog and sometimes they treat SEO experts unfairly so if you want more details you will need to sign up to
The first part of SEO in on-page optimization, the second important part is high quality link building. This is refereed to in the SEO industry as off-page optimization. Both are very critical to ranking success. I have improved the ranking of clients by helping their on-page optimization. E.g. a clients site was #359 on Google. With improved on-site optimization they went to #8 (on the first page) and using my proprietary link building methods the client soon became #1. My company has achieved thousands of #1 rankings of the last 15-years.
Another teaser tip to hopefully convince you to sign up with SEOWA is about Meta Tags.

I hear want-to-be SEO people say all sorts of crazy things about how important Meta Tags are, that is complete bullshit. Google only uses one meta tag and ignores all the others. 
To show you an example of how the one meta tag Google does use works please do a Google search for "Flower Delivery".
You see FTD is #1 or maybe they drop to #2 for a while. Please also note what the search results description is. This is controlled by the meta name="description"
meta name="description" content="Order fresh flowers online with same day delivery or visit local FTD florists. Shop for flowers, sweets, gifts and gift baskets by occasion & season."

There is one other thing you must do in order to make the above work properly.
Guess what you need to do for me to tell you the answer?

We set up a new website named that will show good SEO tools we build and also 3rd party tools we have heard great reports about.
It will be about positive recommendations of useful methods and strategies for successful Internet marketing.
$29 per year for an annual subscription.
Search Engine Optimization Webmasters Association (
On I reveal my secret proprietary SEO techniques that I have used to achieve many thousands of #1 rankings for our clients over the last 14-years. So you will have the tools to perform the best on-site optimization and you will also learn about off-site optimization.
I will provide step by step instructions and we will make regular updates to the SEO Tools and methodologies used.
The price will be going up to $259 per year and anyone that signs up for $29 per year now stays at that price forever. 

After you sign up you may also email SEO questions to me and I will post the answers to all questions in the private SEO advice section on

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SEO Link Building Service

SEO Link Building Service and Strategies
We receive thousands of phone calls, emails, link building questions and listing requests every year about SEO and link building techniques. Eighty percent or more of the people contacting us have terribly wrong ideas about what works and what is important for outstanding results in the major search engines. Below are details, samples, and history of people contacting us with their requirements. Hopefully, you will find useful SEO information that will help your company grow and increase your profits.

Many people phone our company saying, "I need low cost SEO, low quality backlinks, and tons of cheap links."

I respond, "Why?".... They say, "I want to out rank my competitors."
They think it is a pure numbers game, all links are equal and you get more and you win.  This is the wrong link building strategy, and these "cheap low quality techniques" will cause your website to be penalized by Google.

These people want fast outstanding results; they want to be #1 for competitive keyword phrases in 1-5 months.  Most people still do not understand that Google has penalized almost all of these cheap, crappy links and many people still do not even realize to vary their anchor text.  So the fastest way to be penalized by Google is to put up 1000+ low quality links on crappy websites and low quality Directories. 
Important Note: "If every url passes a review, the directory gets closer to just a list of links or a free-for-all link site." - Matt Cutts of Google

Then use the exact same anchor text for all these poor quality backlinks. People who do this might as well just email Google and say "please penalize my site, I am a dumb-ass and I deserve to be penalized."

You need and want to be on Top Quality Sites and Directories.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pandora Internet Radio is Superior and Offers a Significantly Better Value Than SiriusXM, Buy Pandora and Cancel SiriusXM

I have been a long time user of SiriusXM, and recently my daughter showed me, which is vastly superior to SiriusXM.

I tested Pandora vs. SiriusXM and Pandora is much easier to use, and has better reception when driving cross county.
Plus Pandora is less expensive and has some advanced methods of helping people find the music they love.
I admire the software developers of Pandora because they "think of every thing" a user needs.

Also when you try to cancel SiriusXM they make it very difficult which most people including me hate.
I just want to go online and cancel, which is not allowed. The SiriusXM support is poor and Pandora has outstanding email support only. You cannot phone Pandora, however there really is no need as their email support is excellent.

The Future for Workers and Managers of the World

No one has access to your passwords except you. If any government agency legally requested your logins and passwords, we would only be able to give them an unbreakable 256k encrypted file. Our encryption methods are even stronger than Apple's encryption methods. Your privacy and safety are the top priorities to us.