Thursday, May 26, 2016 and Future GotoTom SEO Tool Development Plans and 3rd Party Product Recommendations

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We have been using our propriety SEO tools for many years and we are now offering our expert advice, tutorials and SEO tools to the world. If you want to achieve top search engine ranking results please sign up today.

We are going to set up a new website named that will show good SEO tools we build and also 3rd party tools we have heard great reports about.
It will be about positive recommendations of useful methods and strategies for successful Internet marketing.
$29 per year for an annual subscription.
Search Engine Optimization Webmasters Association (
On I reveal my secret proprietary SEO techniques that I have used to achieve many thousands of #1 rankings for our clients over the last 14-years. So you will have the tools to perform the best on-site optimization and you will also learn about off-site optimization. I am one of the very best experts in the world and also modest (LOL).
I will provide step by step instructions and we will make regular updates to the SEO Tools and methodologies used.
The price will be going up to $259 per year and anyone that signs up for $29 per year now stays at that price forever. 

After you sign up you may also email SEO questions to me and I will post the answers to all questions in the private SEO advice section on

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Future for Workers and Managers of the World

No one has access to your passwords except you. If any government agency legally requested your logins and passwords, we would only be able to give them an unbreakable 256k encrypted file. Our encryption methods are even stronger than Apple's encryption methods. Your privacy and safety are the top priorities to us.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Larry Page TED Video Excellent Ideas to Think About from the Google Co-Founder

This video is two years old now and it is still amazing. I have watched it four times over the last five months and each time I watch it I have several creative ideas for new projects.  
My wish is that Charlie Rose and Larry Page decide to make Version 2.0 in 2016.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Why Links Are So Important to the Internet

I Did Not Invent the Internet, However the Man Who Did Links to My Blog

I will show you an example of "good merit based" link building that Google likes.
About the best backlink you could obtain in the software, Internet and SEO industry would be a link from a prestigious university, from a top expert and a famous award winning distinguished person.

Please click here, then click in the #1 video listed on the webpage and see where it links you to.

The following is an excellent article and basic overview of links and why they are so important to the web.
"As an emerging industry, SEO is a field ripe for new college graduates ... The first thing a new SEO must learn is how Google operates. This means learning the value of links in search..."

One small correction I would make to Cory's article is that powerful backlinks are still by far the most important factor in the Google algorithms and they will continue to be because there is science behind this.

The reason search engines will most likely never change this is that this methodology works great, and no other technique works better. Why Do you think Google named it PageRank?
The Wikipedia article for PageRank is wrong and defective just like many of the Wikipedia articles. Because the Wikipedia editors are incompetent and do not know what they are doing.
Click here if you would like to learn from a real expert, me.

 Link Building

The people that tell you links are not important any longer are complete Dumb-asses and you should never listen to them.
I am not sure how I can make this point any clearer.

For more advanced information and training about link building or for help, please email me.
I suggest you also read:

Google Continues to Make Terrible Mistakes Unfairly Penalizing Innocent Websites

I wish I did not need to write this article and update it on a regular basis.

Google Continues to Unfairly Penalize Innocent Website Owners

I am working on writing some new articles about recent horribly evil behavior by Google regarding penalizing many innocent websites. I have emailed Google management and hope they have some fixes before I have to write too many articles and updates about this. It is very disappointing as a Google shareholder to me, and frankly it makes me feel like I should sell my Google stock when I see Google incorrectly penalizing many web sites unfairly. Furthermore I think it is appropriate to blame Google senior management for this heinous problem as they have not done enough to stop and prevent one of the worse actions Google can take against an innocent website.
Why are the Googler's that do these evil deeds not fired?

I am going to create a list of websites Google has unfairly penalized and publish it. I have many sites as real examples already and if you would like to email me any other unfairly penalized sites I will add them to my list that I publish. Yes this list will be very embarrassing to Google and it should be. If they ruin a small business persons life unfairly then why should Google not be embarrassed and exposed for doing this? 

Some of the sites that will be on this list have no outbound links, zero. So how could Google penalize them for outbound links?
A few examples of sites that will be on my list of websites that Google has unfairly penalized are:

If Google fixes their mistakes I will delete this article.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

2016 Google I/O Presentation Highlights, New Products and AI Advancements

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hire REST API Software Developers, Benefits of REST Architecture, Example of a Real World RESTful Implementation -

This article explains and shows a real world example of implementing a RESTful architecture and using a REST API. The project we just completed doing this for is:
Please make a purchase from, you will love our excellent products and service.

If a client hires us then we can develop projects like this for them. My team can create and develop the software programming, content, website design, PPC, SEO, and hosting. We offer a complete turnkey service to our clients.

I have been searching on the Internet for good articles about REST and what the benefits are from a business perspective. Unfortunately most of the articles are very technical and written for computer scientists and programmers.
An API is an Application Programmer Interface is a set of functions, objects, and methods that are made publicly known to developers that allow them to interact with a particular technology in order to create new sites and systems.

Below are the best articles and a video I have found so far.