Friday, January 22, 2016, and, Should be Forced by the FTC to Stop their Deceptive MLS Advertising and Promotions

I am unhappy about how these Real Estate related companies are very deceptive, and misleading about their MLS services.

First I wrote an article about trying to sell my house on Zillow where I mention these MLS services. Now I am 100% certain that the public needs to be warned about these scams.

I have to try to get a $395 refund from as they have taken over a week just to tell me the truth.
You cannot be in the MLS unless you sign a real estate agreement and pay a 2-3% commission.

I took a screen shot from the site today which verifies how deceptive they are in order to trick you into signing up with them for this bogus MLS scam they offer.
Please click on the screen shot below to make it larger.