Monday, April 10, 2023

Government Investigators, Why does Google/Chrome still access my webcam, when it is disabled in my Chrome Settings?

  Google is unfairly censoring this article and blog.

When you click on the video the counter never changes, how dumb could Google be?

Government Investigators, why does Chrome still access my webcam, when it is disabled in my Chrome settings?

Then I saw the Google criminals in Indonesia turn on my webcam and illegally spy on me. Sundar Pichai the evil Google CEO uses his office in Indonesia because the FBI cannot arrest or even investigate anyone in Indonesia with out the permission of the corrupt Indonesian government.

Please see the evidence below.

The Google management never seems to think about atonement for their evil deeds they have committed against many innocent people. Yet Google owns a Civil Rights Website (LOL). 

Google keeps turning my counter on and off all day long, Google and twitter think they are smart, when the entire world laughs at them because they are just stupid scoundrels. My real traffic is 500% more than what Google is showing. Google management are what I refer to as relentless scoundrels, they just keep embarrassing themselves more every single day. It just proves to me that Google management is lucky and not really very smart. E.g. Dumb Bullies.

I know many of the Google employees are very intelligent, ethical, honest, and they should become whistleblowers for the Government.