Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Reviews of Online Systems, e.g. AirBnb, Square.com, Care.com and other companies

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I am researching online transaction based systems with "software dashboards". Besides the software I am testing the customer service, and the amount of money a "user" could earn or save.
We spend more time everyday logging into systems to live our personal and business lives.
Everyday I use Amazon, Google, Netflix, Blogger, PayPal etc. 
So far the worst of my experiences has been with Square.com.

I often wonder how these companies have been so successful with poor to terrible customer service. It just shows how huge the demand is for services like this, with new ones popping up almost daily.

I dropped using AirBnb and only use VRBO now. My entire family and friends feel the same way.

Currently I am researching and trying to use Care.com.
Unfortunately my user experience so far has been very disappointing and a waste of my time. 
From my experience trying to use Care.com, I find them incompetent, unhelpful, rude and useless. In fact their customer support department causes people problems instead of helping. On a scale of 1 to 100, I give Square.com a 6 and Care.com a 11. Both companies are managed poorly however in different ways. PayPal has made significant improvements in customer service and also in fixing defects in their software. I give PayPal a score of 68.

When you first try to use Care.com you find problems just trying to sign up. The database they use for verification is 20 years old and outdated. E.g. I lived in Thousand Oaks, CA for 30 years and the verification database did not know this fact, yet 20 years ago I had a mail station in Newbury Park, CA for only one year and the Care.com verification asked me about the 20 year old mail station address. So to be approved for the Care.com system I had to know strange facts and information about me from 20 years ago. It took me multiple attempts trying to even make it past this horrible registration process. The customer support at Care.com was poor from the beginning.  I think they could use the domain name WeDoNotCare.com

Also the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I would receive two different messages from different customer service agents. AirBnb also has customer service problems like this.
After the frustration of trying to even get past the outdated verification then you have to write a brief profile, which Care.com makes difficult. Then when you finally get to use Care.com you realize their network of jobs and providers is very tiny. Very few jobs and less people to hire. Care.com is a good idea, however it is poorly implemented and not thought out from a user perspective.

Another Care.com mistake is pretending (lying) to people that sign up that you can use their system for free. That is not true and Care.com should just give people a free 30 day trial of the working system instead of deceiving people by saying you can use their system for free. This gives Care.com a bad image to people like me.

The next Care.com major defect is spamming their users almost daily with upgrade emails. So I purchased a driver's license verification, which overwrote my profile, and incorrectly changed my address. Then I had to edit my address again. If you edit or change your profile you can have more problems with the terrible Care.com support. Some incompetent Care.com employee will send you an email, denying your change and not even bothering to explain why. They want you to guess and keep submitting until you get approved. Hello Care.com your customers are not mind readers.
Then when you keep asking Care.com what the problem is, you may find out it is a ridiculous concern that harms the potential of doing business on the Care.com system. 

More updates coming soon.

Care.com is a public corporation headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, that helps families find child care, senior care, special needs care, tutoring, pet care, housekeeping, etc. Wikipedia
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