Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Why Square.com Sucks - Review - Do NOT Sign up with Lame and Defective Square.com

Square.com Review

To: press@squareup.com
Cc: Tom Forrest 

Subject: Negative Article and Video Campaign
Importance: High


Square.com is terrible and extremely rude. We have been billing the same clients on credit cards for 15 years with zero chargebacks or problems. HTP Company has excellent reviews and zero problems in 15+ years, so we decided to try Square.com.
So if you if like a dinosaur using an old fashioned "credit card processor", be careful if you want to try a newer service like Square.com.

Square.com Stinks, they just deactivated our account for no reason and we have learned that this is caused by some incompetent employees at Square that think it is okay to just cut people off and not even talk with them.

Guess what, now we are going to write several negative articles about Square.com and explain why businesses should use the superior competitors of Square.com.

This just shows how when a company gets too big, they can lose their common sense and do very STUPID things like this.
Our billings are 100% safe and we have not had any problems since we signed up with Square until now.

We will start publishing negative articles about Square on many high traffic sites.
We have access to over 120,000+ high quality sites for publishing.

Also we will write articles explaining why Square.com competitors are better for small businesses, and why people should not to sign up with lame and defective Square.com

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Sent: Friday, March 9, 2018 11:50 AM

Hi Tom,

I researched why Square does this and found that they do it because they feel the activity in the account is risky.  What I read stated that Square will not talk with non-customers and they deem you to be a non-customer once they permanently deactivate your account.  I think it would be a waste of time trying to contact them.


Use Flint.com they are better for credit card processing.