Sunday, September 10, 2017

Newer Changes I have Noticed in Google and SEO Questions I am Trying to Figure Out

I have been working on the Internet since it first started and have been using and watching Google since they first started. There are some SEO rules that have not changed for a long time, however there are some major new changes I have noticed in Google recently.

1. It used to mean your web page could not show up in the Google search results unless Google indexed your web page.
(Watch this classic Matt Cutts video)

This is no longer true. Please see the screen shot below and notice that web pages that are not indexed by Google can and do show up in the Google search results. I am not sure why and how Google does this and I am trying to figure it out. I did some searches regarding this topic on Google and found zero results.
I think it may have to do with Google having more "unfair censorship control". I know 100% for sure Google made it so you can search on a Blogger site and see webpages that are not indexed in the main Google search engine. You can learn a lot just by watching Google carefully like I do. I saw and studied this before Google built this feature and after they built it.
Why Should Google Censor any normal business or informational web pages?
I mean any legal web page and not a terrorist group, etc.
Google should not be censoring my business pictures and webpages like below:

Googles does not seem to understand that almost 100% of people do not want Google to unfairly censor content. It is legal for Google to censor whatever they like until the FTC steps up and does their job and puts some controls on Google so they do not operate like Communist China in America. That is why I refer to Google as "Big Brother Google" or "Communist Google".

How can a web page that Google does not index show up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?
I think that Google must cache the web page for Google use only then show the web page in the SERPs as not cached. It seems intuitive that not being cached by Google would have negative effects. However if ranking above "cached" webpages is possible than that is okay. On the other hand I have never seen a "not cached" webpage rank #1, and on more competitive keyword phrases I do not see a "not cached" webpage until the 3rd page of the search results.
So what else does it mean when Google shows the page as not cached if the web page still shows up in the SERPS?
Sometimes I smile when I write these articles because only about 1% of the worlds population understands what I am even talking about.

Please notice in the screen shot above that if a web page is not indexed in Google it does not have a little pop down arrow by it. That means it is not in the Google cache that the general public can see. However even though the 2nd result on the SERP is not indexed by Google it still shows up in the search results.
Why does Google do this if a not indexed web page still shows up in the SERPs? Currently this does not make sense to me and I do not understand why Google is even doing this.

I also wonder why Google does not index some web pages and how web pages that are not indexed are treated by Google. 
For example, my name "Tom Forrest" is very competitive, there are many people named Tom Forrest. However Google does not show my picture in the Google images because the web page that has my pictures is not indexed by Google. 
This brings up several questions and I will update this article as I learn more about this topic.


So my next test is to look at a more popular search and see if and where a not indexed web page shows up in the Google SERPs.
I picked the keyword phrase "online advertising company" and I do not see any not indexed pages until the 3rd page of the Google results. Please see screen shot below.

If you look at the search results above, you see just above the Adwords home page a not indexed web page with the title "online advertising company Archives - Prospect Genius".
Why is this web page not in the Google cache and why does Google have it placed in the middle of the 3rd page of results?
If it was in the Google cache would it rank higher?

2. Another newer change in Google.
Sometimes Google will create their own description for your web site and not use your meta tag. Google only uses one meta tag and now only sometimes. Google does not discuss this and there are very few articles about this on the Internet.

I wish I had good sources to read what other experts think about these SEO topics, however I have not found any other information about this yet.

I also believe some of the Google employees are trying to confuse SEO experts on purpose and saying there are more important ranking factors than what a Google Engineer said in 2016.
From my research the information in this article is accurate and the other Google employee statements are misleading on purpose and trying to undo what was said in 2016.

Below is the correct Google ranking information article for you to believe. This applies to competitor short phase keywords like "term life insurance", etc.