Friday, December 06, 2013

Google SEO Sabotage

Update 9-1-14
Not much has changed since I first wrote this article below.

By: Tom Forrest

Hello Google,

Google has created a new industry “SEO Sabotage”, I have seen several cases of this and it is easy to do.  You can now easily have your competitors penalized by Google and your competitors can also easily have you penalized by using bad link building methods and procedures that Google does not like.

This article is one of many real life examples.
Another good SEO Sabotage article to read.
The author (Aaron Wall) is one of the best SEO experts in the world.  Many people are SEO pretenders and do not know what they are talking about, Aaron Wall is a true SEO expert that I respect.

I just found another good SEO Sabotage example and even though I do not know the author, when I read his article I can tell that he is an excellent SEO expert. 

This is Google's latest Disavow information:

This SEO Sabotage problem is not going away, it is becoming huge and many people are very angry at Google because of this terrible new Google policy that started in 2012.
Please look at what this web site is selling:

It is common sense… webmasters can control who they link to, they can Not control who links to them.  There is no way around this basic fact and now it is leaking out and many people email my company asking if we can sabotage their competitors with “Bad Backlinks” that Google does not like.

Furthermore you are penalizing way too many innocent webmasters.

Just Google “Google SEO Sabotage”  there are many interesting stories to see.

I am just trying to help Google. This is the worst problem Google has created in over five years.
I own Google stock, and as a long term shareholder I am very unhappy and many people knowledgeable about SEO are very unhappy and upset with Google over this ridiculous policy of penalizing web sites for something out of their control, and now the huge increase of SEO sabotage Google has caused.

Thank you in advance for your consideration on this issue.