Monday, March 30, 2020

Why the FTC needs to investigate Google, and put new stricter regulations upon Google

Google continues to blacklist and unfairly censor websites and blogs. 
Google has several different methods to prevent Internet searchers from finding content and web pages, unfortunately 80%+ of the general public does not understand how Google implements "unfair censorship".
People are worried about Russia interfering with USA elections, however everyone should be more concerned about Google interfering in our elections. Google has a huge amount of power and there is evidence of Google abuse. Please read below for more details about this topic.

Why is Google unfairly censoring my content again?

I have written several articles about why the Federal Trade Commission should investigate Google.
Please click on the following link to see some of my articles on this topic.

Please read and watch this video from a former Google Engineer for more evidence of Google's evil activities.

Since Google is unfairly censoring this article and trying to hide it from the general public by not indexing this article in the Google search engine and not putting it in the Google cache.
Please forward this article to as many other people as possible and ask them to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Google.

This has been an ongoing problem with Google unfairly censoring people for several years now. I have complained to Google and to be fair after several of my complaints Google has taken the unfair censorship off of me. So some Googlers are being fair and fixing these Google censorship problems.
However the Google unfair censorship problems continue and keep coming back.
So I have decided to give up on Google and use multiple different
pseudonyms on different websites not owned by Google. I recommend everyone that uses Blogger to switch to their competitors because you can not trust Google to treat you fairly.
Furthermore I have done extensive testing over the last three years, I have taken content unfairly censored by Google and put it on a different website and used a pseudonym instead of my real name.
Guess what, Google has never censored the content I wrote under a pseudonym. The previously unfairly censored content is still in the Google search engine today. This is even more evidence that the Federal Trade Commission needs to investigate. It is 100% clear to me that high level management of Google must know about this evil Google behavior as multiple former Google engineers have exposed the truth about what Google is really doing.

I am also going to write to USA government officials and former Senators like Orrin Hatch asking them for help to force the FTC to investigate Google (this Washington Post article is also unfairly censored by Google) and to impose new strict regulations upon Google. The majority of people worldwide do not want Google blacklisting and unfairly censoring excellent content in this manner. Google should be forced by the FTC to treat most content and authors equally and fairly and to stop Google from unfairly censoring people like me. I say "most content" because Google should censor hate speech, terrorists, child pornography, etc. It is very sad to me that in America we allow "Big Brother Google" to censor many more people than communist China censors. It is strange that Google does not want communist China to censor Google, yet somehow Google thinks it is okay to unfairly censor many citizens of the USA. Google has again stopped indexing my new articles on this blog and so I will stop using Blogger and switch to their competitors and use fake names (pseudonyms).
This is what it must be like to live in communist China, and I sincerely hope the USA government will investigate Google and stop all the antitrust and unfair censorship problems that Google is causing.   

The European Union is doing a much better job of trying to regulate Google and has imposed many billions of dollars of fines against Google. I believe the FTC will eventually put more regulations on Google and stop Google from unfairly censoring content they do not like, or content that is critical of Google. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Great Motivational Video, do not give up and keep trying. Quitting is Not taking the easy way.

 Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” 
Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Below is one of the best motivational videos I have ever seen.

Anytime you feel sad and need some powerful motivation, just watch this video.
Do not ever quit or give up, please keep trying to achieve your dreams and aspirations.
Giving up and quitting is not taking the easy way. Quitting may prolong the mental suffering throughout your entire life.
You will regret not pursuing your dreams.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more Important than ever to the success and growth of Your Business

Learn some of the reasons your business should invest more money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Share and Searcher Behavior
Most Internet searchers skip the paid Internet advertisements and look at the #1 natural/organic listing. This is proven by many scientific eyetracking maps of where "searchers" eyes focus on when using a search engine or look at website content.

Also if you ask people, most will explain that they skip the paid Internet ads and look at the top organic listing. This if true for both Google and Bing searches.
On average, 82 percent of people searching skip the paid ads and look at the #1 natural listing.

So why do businesses spend a much higher dollar amount on paid search and not on organic SEO efforts?

Organic Search Traffic
SEO traffic has no cost per click and can provide a better ROI – higher than other marketing methods.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

SEO Link Building Service

SEO Link Building Service and Strategies
We receive thousands of phone calls, emails, link building questions and listing requests every year about SEO and link building techniques. Eighty percent or more of the people contacting us have terribly wrong ideas about what works and what is important for outstanding results in the major search engines. Below are details, samples, and history of people contacting us with their requirements. Hopefully, you will find useful SEO information that will help your company grow and increase your profits.

Many people phone our company saying, "I need low cost SEO, low quality backlinks, and tons of cheap links."

I respond, "Why?".... They say, "I want to out rank my competitors."
They think it is a pure numbers game, all links are equal and you get more and you win.  This is the wrong link building strategy, and these "cheap low quality techniques" will cause your website to be penalized by Google.

These people want fast outstanding results; they want to be #1 for competitive keyword phrases in 1-5 months.  Most people still do not understand that Google has penalized almost all of these cheap, crappy links and many people still do not even realize to vary their anchor text.  So the fastest way to be penalized by Google is to put up 1000+ low quality links on crappy websites and low quality Directories. 
Important Note: "If every url passes a review, the directory gets closer to just a list of links or a free-for-all link site." - Matt Cutts of Google

Then use the exact same anchor text for all these poor quality backlinks. People who do this might as well just email Google and say "please penalize my site, I am a dumb-ass and I deserve to be penalized."

You need and want to be on Top Quality Sites and Directories.

Monday, March 09, 2020

List of Directory Submission Sites - the best Directories

We will make it easy for you to benefit from the list of directory submission sites below. We will submit, then have your website approved and listed in 5 of the top quality Directories listed below. This includes all the work and time to properly submit your website, plus all Directory fees. This is a non-refundable one time charge.
Please click on the "Buy Now" button below.

Email or phone 805.807.4645 with any questions.

By Tom Forrest
List of Directory Submission Sites.
List of directories that follow all Google Guidelines.

Google has cracked down on web directories that violate Google guidelines.  You should not place your website on any free and low quality directories or websites, you need fewer directory listings with better quality in order to be successful with Google and Bing. Please read the following new article about effective SEO Link Building to learn more.

So I decided I should give people a list of Internet directories that Google thinks are valid and that if you obtained a listing from these directories it would help you with direct traffic generation and also as a "good" backlink as far as Google is concerned. The Directories below are valuable worldwide and businesses from all countries should consider submitting their website to these top quality Directories.


Please see comments below from Matt Cutts of Google on what to consider when submitting to a Directory.
I see many articles that give incorrect SEO information and promote "free directory sites" (low quality), and it is important to study what Google has previously stated. Please understand that Google has penalized many sites for not following the Google guidelines.

When considering submitting to a directory, I’d ask questions like:
- Does the directory reject urls?
If every url passes a review, the directory gets closer to just a list of links or a free-for-all link site.
- What is the quality of urls in the directory?
Suppose a site rejects 25% of submissions, but the urls that are accepted/listed are still quite low-quality or spammy. That doesn’t speak well to the quality of the directory.
- If there is a fee, what’s the purpose of the fee?
For a high-quality directory, the fee is primarily for the time/effort for someone to do a genuine evaluation of a url.
Matt Cutts, Google