Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more Important than ever to the success and growth of Your Business

Learn some of the reasons your business should invest more money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Share and Searcher Behavior
Most Internet searchers skip the paid Internet advertisements and look at the #1 natural/organic listing. This is proven by many scientific eyetracking maps of where "searchers" eyes focus on when using a search engine or look at website content.

Also if you ask people, most will explain that they skip the paid Internet ads and look at the top organic listing. This is true for both Google and Bing searches.
On average, 82 percent of people searching skip the paid ads and look at the #1 natural listing.

So why do businesses spend a much higher dollar amount on paid search and not on organic SEO efforts?

Organic Search Traffic
SEO traffic has no cost per click and can provide a better ROI – higher than other marketing methods.

Structure and Conversion Rates 
Proper SEO helps organize your website and makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your website and to make a purchase from your business. This is an important part of "conversion optimization". 

Brand Enhancement 
SEO success secures your brand and gives your brand more credibility then paid search ads. Your brand gains more trust from natural/organic search results.

Conversion of Web Traffic to Online Purchases
SEO traffic converts better than other channels due to the fact that top search engine rankings convey trust from the search engines. Have some fun and ask your prospects and friends what does it mean if Google ranks your website #1?

Many people incorrectly believe that Google has a team of humans that decide what website should be #1 based on which company offers the best products and services. 

Channel Synergy
Your other marketing efforts create market demand for people/prospects to query the search engine for products and services such as yours. If your website is not at the top of the organic search results in order to collect the demand you spent money creating, than your competitors will collect it.