Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Turbotax reviews - I had some problems and Turbotax fixed them, I am happy with Turbotax now

I had some problems with Turbotax which you can read below. After multiple attempts by me to seek support and help from Turbotax, finally a knowledgeable person from Turbotax phoned me and helped me fix the problem. He also apologized for the problems I had with Turbotax support and gave me a full refund because of all the time Turbotax wasted not helping me properly at first.
So now I am happy with Turbotax and will use it again next year.  


Original Article below 

Many people use Turbotax and some reviews are positive, yet I find most reviewers of Turbotax or any product do not really use the product. They just read the features and believe everything will work as promised, this is not the case for Turbotax. The basic online system has some terrible defects and the way Turbotax does support is horrible, I will give you a real and sad example below.
After wasting hours of my time showing Turbotax agents that the Turbotax system is defective, they do not know how to fix it and just try to stall me off, then when I request a manager, some lady phones me and just wants to see the defect again, and when I asked for a refund since the product is defective she hung up on me.
Turbotax also has a 1-star rating on, with thousands of complaints from unhappy Turbotax clients.

I purchased the Turbotax service for my federal and state taxes, and paid Turbotax/Intuit $160. That would be a reasonable price if Turbotax worked correctly and had support people that could do more than return your phone call. The support people of Turbotax just keep wanting to see the same Turbotax defects and cannot report problems to any programmers that may be able to fix the serious defects Turbotax has. Please see screenshots and details below.

The first screen shot shows the main Turbotax screen I see when I login.

Then I click on file my state return, which gives me the screen below and shows a serious Turbotax defect, which I showed to the Turbotax support team 3 times already, and they cannot fix this programming defect.

Please notice the first screen shot says my Federal tax return was filed and accepted by the IRS. The second screen shot shows one of the Turbotax system defects where it says my Federal tax return has to be fixed and refiled.
This is a serious and fatal Turbotax defect that prevents me from e-filing my State tax return.

So since Turbotax is defective and confused, when I try to fix and refile my Federal return it is rejected correctly by the IRS as a duplicate return and then I cannot move forward and e-file my State tax return. Please see screen shot below.