Monday, June 03, 2019

Learn about Google unfair censorship, how come the FTC does not prevent Google from unfairly censoring people?

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It is painful yet interesting to see how "Big Brother Google" implements their unfair censorship policies and the sad part is the average Google user (searcher) has no idea that Google is unfairly deciding what they should see and read.

It is legal for Google to do this and it also proves that Google needs the FTC to step up and do their job to protect the general public from Google's unfair censorship policies by putting new and much tougher regulations on Google to prevent evil Google from censoring useful and interesting content.

Please see some examples below of articles and links to Google searches that demonstrate Big Brother Google's unfair censorship.
I have written articles that Google has unfairly censored.
Please note if Google does not index your content then Google is censoring you and preventing many people from ever finding your content in a Google search.


In general if your web page is not in the Google cache it is a form of Google censorship and the uncached (not indexed) web page will appear below web pages that Google does cache (index).
However Google has many techniques and methods to hide an article in the Google search results so it is difficult for any searcher to find. It would be good if Google published some rules about this so all web pages were treated fairly.

Update: Google has decided to index this web page and fix this problem.

This is terrible and extremely unfair Google censorship. I am a customer of and deserve to give my opinion and Google should not censor my article. Google indexes fake reviews that are negative about companies, yet my trueful review is censored by Big Brother Google. Why?
Click here to see a Fake negative review Google has indexed and promoted for many years. So clearly Google censors can be defective.
Furthermore look at the hundreds of negative reviews about that Google does index, so why is Google unfairly discriminating against me?   
Many more Google indexed negative reviews about 

This article is interesting in several ways. E.g. These countries complain Google is not censoring terrorism related and illegal content on Google. 

Click here to see one of the very best articles about Google censorship that I have read.
This article used to be in the Google cache, however I just noticed that Google removed it. Google can decide to change if a web page is in the Google index or not over time.

You can click on the links below to see how this impacts Google searches, and you will also find more interesting Google censorship articles to read (e.g. the articles that Google does not unfairly censor). Please note how only pages that are in the Google cache are ranked in the top search results. Also if you search content from a webpage that is not in the Google cache, it will not show up in general, as Google cached (indexed) webpages will always rank higher on Google search results.
The only way an uncached webpage will show up is if there is not enough cached (indexed) content for Google to show in a search.

What good content is missing because of unfair and unneeded Google censorship?

To be fair, Google does index most of the articles I write. However what Google decides to unfairly censor makes me unhappy and angry, not only because Google is treating me unfairly, but I also wonder what useful and interesting content I am missing when I do a Google search because of this unneeded and unfair censorship by Big Brother Google.

Google thinks they are watching and deciding who to censor, yet people are also watching Google to see what their censorship policies are and if Google is implementing their censorship policies fairly.

Only about 2% of the general public has any understanding of how Google works and search engine optimization. So in an effort to educate people please see a screenshot of a webpage that is not in the Google cache, followed by a screenshot of a webpage that is in the Google cache.